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SBTV have teamed up with two blood cancer charities – the ACLT and Anthony Nolan – to help spread awareness of their campaign to get more African Caribbean people to sign up to the stem cell register and become a potential lifesaver.

If there is anyone out there who can tell stories through music, it's Rapman. SBTV put together this track especially to help spread the word.

#BeingAfricanCaribbean means many things. A love of life, food and music and a rich, deep history. Unfortunately, it also means, if you have blood cancer, you might die waiting for a stem cell transplant.

Because there currently aren’t enough African Caribbean people on the Anthony Nolan stem cell register, if you’re African Caribbean and desperately need a transplant, you have less than a 20% chance of finding the best donor match.

That’s not right – and it’s in our blood to change it. So spread the word and sign up for the register today.

Join the campaign here -

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