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Rapsody interview with Complex - Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly album - Complex (A Zulu Love)

What would become a surprise feature, US female artist Rapsody appeared on track 12 of Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly" album. The song specifically called "Complextion (A Zulu Love)". Rapsody can be identified with her affiliation with 9th Wonder, signed to his label Jamla Records, but the North Carolina MC has gone bar for bar with the best of them, including Raekwon, Freeway and Big Krit. In her interview with Complex, she breaks down her feature with Kendrick. Check it out below

When did Kendrick first reach out to you?
Initially, when he and 9th [Wonder] talked about it was the day after the “Control” verse dropped. I was in New York for the She Got Game listening, which you came to. And after that, I went to Premier’s studio to shoot a video. So 9th was talking to Kendrick about the “Control” verse and he hit him and was like, “Yo, I have an idea for my next album. I want to reach out to Rapsody for it.” So 9th was like, “That’d be great or whatever. Just let us know.”
You know, time goes by. He’s been touring. I didn’t think too much of it. Working with one of those artists, you have different ideas when making music. But, he reached back out on Jan. 11 [of 2015]. I was on my way to Toronto, and he hit 9th. He told him he was gonna send him something to get on. That was when he reached out.

Did he send you a skeleton of the song?
I didn’t hear his verse. He sent me the part that I rapped on, so from the part where the beat switches? That’s all I got. I called him and he told me the song is “Complexion.” That was pretty much it. We didn’t talk in-depth about what direction to go in, but he told me complexion. You know, African-American, black people in America. I knew kind of the thought process behind it. I was in D.C. and I wrote that verse that day. 9th drove up, and we went into the studio and recorded it that night.
I was telling 9th, this is my first time hearing the song in its entirety. When I heard the song all together, I told 9th, “Wow that’s crazy.” I hadn’t heard his verse, and it is dope that we had similar subject matter about slaves and about blue eyes. And the 2Pac thing. I didn’t know 2Pac was at the end of the project. So it is dope how it all came together.

When you sent him your verse, what did he say?
He said he loved it and he said it was perfect. He talked to 9th and he did the same thing. It’s crazy that I haven’t heard his part and we didn’t talk in deep discussion in so many words. This isn’t verbatim of course, but it fits perfectly. I guess if he didn’t like it, it definitely wouldn’t be on this album. [Laughs.]

You can read the full interview HERE

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