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In this exclusive clip from their sit down with battle rap correspondent Mike Florence, Smack and Jack Thriller discuss how the theme was developed for the upcoming URL event, Cortez' involvement in starting the Rookies vs. Vets wave and the "bars over names" concept.

The clip starts off with Smack being asked how the Rookies vs. Vets concept was brought to life. His response was that as someone who is always trying to make the battle culture expand, he has been trying to provide fans with this type of energy for a long period of time, pointing out that his "Bars Over Names" themed event was the Queens native's first attempt at letting up and comers showcase their talent on the main stage. He then went on to say that it has always been a personal goal of his to provide an outlet for developing talent while also stating that he has confidence that some of his new recruits will hold their own against their top-tier opponents.

Mr. Classic and Jack Thriller then began discussing whether or not Cortez started the Rookies vs. Vets idea. After Smack responded to the Brooklyn emcee's claim, Tez' lyrical ability as well as his status as a veteran were questioned by the Atlanta comedian.

Smack sent a stern warning to all competitors to come fully prepared for their battles before informing fans that the Rookies vs. Vets would be an ongoing theme and a Volume 2 of the March 28th event is in the works.

The clips closes out with the URL CEO stating he wants to set up a match between notable punchers B-Magic and Ty Law and is in search of an interesting opponent for Chicago's own Big T.

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