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Q. What do you get when you stick a couple of pioneering UK Hip Hop Emcee's in a recording booth armed with a banger of a beat from a production legend?
A. Something epic…as is evidenced by this new jewel from Scottish Rap label Powercut Productions! 

Featuring the vocal talents of UK luminary Juice Aleem alongside Powercuts very own Freestyle Master "ECHOES" is an audio extravaganza that showcases just why these 2 wordsmiths are widely regarded as being trailblazers within the pantheon of British Urban music. Dropping gems over an hypnotic rhythm designed and sculpted by DJ and production behemoth Steg G "ECHOES" has already caught the attention of musical titans like the revered Afrika Bambaatta who has been spinning the song on his weekly radio show live from Harlem New York City.

Steg & The Freestyle Master - Echos ft. Juice Aleem

The head nodding groove provided by the incomparable Steg G is the perfect vehicle for the ever excellent Juice Aleem to let his influence shine through and showcase just why the former New Flesh frontman is held in such high regard in the music world at large, the Birmingham native who was the first artist released by Ninja Tunes offshoot Big Dada has been found through the years touring, recording and upstaging some of the biggest names in the worlds of Hip Hop and EDM and is often cited as being one of the forerunners in the creation of a new musical genre which went on to become known as Grime. 

ECHOES is available as a free download from Powercut Productions and is guaranteed to get your senses stirring quicker than a roller coaster ride in a hurricane if you let it…so let it!

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