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After a short hiatus, South London-based alternative hip-hop artist Benjamin A.D returns with a new single, ‘Monster’s Ball’.
The track follows a recent appearance on SBTV’Warm Up Sessions, and addresses Benjamin’s recent absence from music. He says he used the refrain ‘“I been having a ball" to illustrate the fact that he took time out not only to create better music, but to get his life right, his mind right and to actually live.
‘Monster’s Ball’ was produced by Toronto-based artist Junia-T (Little Simz 'Sleep Paralysis'), a collaboration that came about when Benjamin overheard Junia play the track’s main string sample and was immediately hooked: ‘I asked Junia to keep it minimal, and it turned out to be just that. Another dope artist by the name of Skripture who also plays bass laid the bass down and it was a wrap from there!’
The track is certainly a minimal product, driven by a melancholy French horn line along with the strings. The focus is all on Benjamin’s vocals, in which he expresses the need for change in art and life equally. Although aware that any follow-up to ‘Chapter 0.5’ needed to show progression, he remains proud of his earlier work, saying that along with Ash and Shin of Dumb Beatz, they crafted a unique sound, with a raw hip-hop feel and a blend made by samples of inspirations.
Benjamin states of his evolution: "Rap will always be my means of expression but my lack of influences has changed my end product. All of the work in the shadows has made me into a much stronger recording artist, rather than just a rapper."
Benjamin is clear that he is not an artist who makes music just for the sake of it, saying that ‘no self respecting person can use such imitation and pass it as their own, and if everyone is striving only to fit in, what is the point?’ At his core, his principles remain the same, but Benjamin is certain that he has grown as an artist, gaining an appreciation for the power of strong material to connect to listeners, acknowledging that ‘good lines are great, good songs are timeless’.
This timelessness carries to all aspects of ‘Monster’s Ball’, with the video designed in a Film Noir style to suit the classic, cinematic sound of the production. Clearly an artist who takes his work seriously, wherever Benjamin’s musical revival takes him, the results will surely be exciting.

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