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Following their release of  “Linquiny In a Cup”, CL!PSTAR continues to release boundary breaking music with "PROSPER". 

The religiously themed “PROSPER” follows the narrative of their rise to prosperity through their hard work in creating a new vibrant music scene and delivering great music. The Tanaka Samuel produced track is a fusion of a classic Grime sound and UK Rap over new trap elements, “PROSPER” brings a new dynamic to the UK music scene, which the group plans to continue to expand on. 

Hailing from South London, CL!PSTAR is a rap group consisting of rappers Temz & Berry. Their music draws inspiration from their experiences and environment and they explore their passion for music through a unique perspective. 

Clipstar (Temz & Berry) - Prosper

They are part of the London “New Gen” movement - a collective of rappers exploring their music by their own rules, away from the preconceived perceptions of what UK rap is. CL!PSTAR performed at sold out rap show “New Gen Live”, which received highly acclaimed reviews and cemented the new fast-growing London music scene's spot in the industry. 

With a number of hit singles under their belts already, CL!PSTAR looks to take their listeners on a journey exploring different genres, expanding the sound of the new generation of UK Rap and Grime. "PROSPER" follows a string of recent successes including the release of track “No Disrespect” ft. Renz and its huge megamix, with features from all three original artists, MOBO wining artist Stormzy, Bonkaz, Deepee (Section Boyz), Big Tobz and Ms Banks + more. 

With a full length project on the works, produced by Tanaka Samuel and due for release this Summer, the group hopes to continue to influence their listeners' perceptions of UK rap music whilst narrating their unique day-to-day experiences of South London life. 

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