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Approaching the music sphere in 2015 with heavy-hitting basslines, lyrical prowess and diction as clear as day, Caine Marko is gearing up to make his mark amongst his UK peers with the music video for his track, "Clap For Me".

Premiered on Link Up TV, the music video was shot by Elmino DaGreatThe catchy street-banger captivates your ears with its booming beats, overlapped with Marko’s deep voice. Red hues illustrate a sense of warning, mirroring Caine's gritty lyrics.

At the age of eight, a young Marko wrote and recorded his first track, with the help of his father who was a member of the very popular Funk/Disco band “Intrigue”. Naturally the youngster found himself in the studio at all times. With music in his bloodline, the North-West Londoner was bound to follow in his father’s musical steps. Drawing on strong influences such as Notorious B.I.G and Method ManCaine Marko immediately knew that he wanted to become a rapper after hearing B.I.G’s “Ready To Die” album. The influence of the UK’s Garage scene also brought about the realisation for his talent of waxing lyrical.

Caine Marko is a name with a concept behind it – as an avid comic fan, the rapper took his name from an X-Men character. Just like the human juggernaut, Caine Marko sets out to be unstoppable in his musical quest.

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