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Chip releases his first project since his exciting return to the scene. Believe & Achieve Episode 1 will motivate you, take a listen as Stormzy, D Double E, Kano and more collaborate with Chip to inspire!

Check out how he breaks down each track below via Complex

1. Who Are You?

"This is the first track I made for this project and I knew it was going to be my intro. For a long time, I didn't feel like I was being brutally honest with myself, and my listeners, about the lows I experienced as a young man. But, the older I get, the more comfortable I am with my flaws as a human; I don't mind sharing them to help someone else through my music. 'Where Are You?' explains some of the experiences I've been through since my last official release... I zone out to this track as if it's not mine."

2. School of Grime

"'School Of Grime' was produced by one of my boys from Los Angeles: Mity Maouse. The second I heard this beat, it instantly took me back to the first time I heard the original D Double E 'If you...' bar. I get asked a lot of questions about grime, and my answer is always the same: believe and achieve, trust God, and love your peoples. Big up the original producers who actually started the sound, though. They know who they are. Anything that can take me back to my childhood, mentally, before I knew about pagans [laughs], that's what makes me happy. And nothing or no one will ever get in the way of my happiness again."

3. Feeling Myself

"Big up New Machine—he's the bass player in Plan B's bandbecause he used mostly live instruments on the production for this track. We were hanging out at a studio in Shoreditch to some old school funk from the James Brown era, and there’s something about the tempo and groove of those records that relate to expressing yourself freely as an MC. It's not every MC I can call to approach any kind of tracksome get stuck on different tempos, some don't—but Kano and Wretch 32, no tempo can scare them. As a child, they were the ones who I aspired to gain the respect of, so this particular track means a lot to me."

4. Holdin' That

"Chris Loco on production. Maverick Sabre on the vocals... I don't wanna talk about this one too much; I just had to get these bars out of my body. Holding in real shit can be destructive, both physically and mentally, but I'm still finding my way. I'm still learning." 

5. Make It Home

"About this track... My angels helped me write it. Shout out my angels! The real ones. My angels told me which way to go when this physical life doesn't have the answers. Too many young brothers from my city step out of their home, and never make it back. I have thoughts on if I'll make it back home, all the time. It's just real life, man. A page from my deepest thoughts. Harmony Samuels is on the live bass and my g Mo Samuels is on the production. Shout out Varren Wade on the scene-setting vocals too. I hope this track takes you on a journey with me. Or makes you think about your own journey."

6. I'm Fine

"I never usually close a project on a high note but, really, this project isn't closed—​Epidose 2 will come in the second half of the year. Big, big shout out to Stormzy and Shalo on the icy verses—and Victizzle on the ones and twos. This track wasn't actually made for the project, but due to the supporters' reactions, I'd be a snake not to include it [laughs]. I just hope everyone enjoys the first episode of this body of work; nothing does the talking better than the music. One love to everyone supporting!"

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