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Sheffield based Clubs & Spades craft a different dimension to music creating a unique sound, blending hip-hop, pop, punk androck, devising new noises by utilising sampling methods and through using live instruments.  The foundation of their music is what sets them apart and will make them stand the test of time.

Consisting of two MC’s, Matic Mouth and Shinobi and two producers/beatmakers Andy Nicholson (Arctic Monkeys) and Manakin, each member has earned their stripes in the music industry and have joined together to create something special; original, distinctive and irreplaceable music. They have already opened for the likes of Public Enemy, Pharoahe Monch, M.O.P and Sister Sledge, gaining new fans and commanding the stages they play upon like the pros they are, every step of the way.

Their debut EP, ‘Deal Or No Deal’, is a snapshot representation of UK music at its best, maintaining British street life identity and creating high quality music. Introductory track of the same name, ‘Deal Or No Deal’, is a funky based, hip-hop led produced track, talking about real life issues with a refreshing northern twang filtering through and spinning off the end every bar.

With an insight to the E.P sounding so intriguing and another 4 tracks to wrap your ears around, we’re confidant that if Hip-Hop is your thing, Clubs & Spades will quickly find their way to your favourites. So give it a listen, what do you say? Deal or No Deal?

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