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During his recent trip to Atlanta, HHS1987 caught up with NYC hip-hop artist Dave East at Means Street Studio to discuss his road to success and more. Being in the game since 2010, Dave East has received cosigning from hip-hop legends The Lox and Nas and his latest project 'Black Rose' really got hip-hop heads and his peers respecting his craft.

Following the success of 'Black Rose', Dave East informs us that he came to Atlanta to clear his mind and to begin working on his upcoming project 'Hate Me Now'. Explaining that his road to success came quicker than he could've imagined, Dave East spoke on titling his new project 'Hate Me Now' and how although he hasn't changed, many friends and family see the road he is traveling and they believe otherwise.

Many may not know Dave East was a basketball star at a young age and that he played for the Richmond Spiders during his college years. During that time, Dave East became good friends with former NBA MVP Kevin Durant. Dave East spoke on Durant's love for music and that one of his projects he worked on during the beginning of his rap career were over Kevin Durant beats. Who knows, maybe we'll see a Kevin Durant track on Dave East upcoming project.

Before concluding the interview, HHS1987 also spoke with Dave East about the New York Knicks, being the a brand ambassador from Roc-a-wear and his relationship with hip-hop legend Nas. Dave East informs us that he first got word of Nas' love for his music from Nas' brother Jungle. Already having built a buzz in New York City, Dave East explained he got a call from Nas' management discussing his movement and once Nas mentioned him on the Angie Martinez Show it was over. He informs us that aside from music advice, Nas give him advice on real life issues and that's what matters the most.

Be on the lookout for Dave East's upcoming project 'Hate Me Now' coming this summer. The interview was conducted by HHS1987's Eldorado. The interview was shot by HHS1987's Brian Da Director.

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