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Chinx Drugz Killed

Rest In Peace Chinx Drugz!

Lionel Pickens, a local rapper better known by his stage name Chinx, was fatally shot early Sunday morning while driving through Queens. 

Mr. Pickens was with a friend in a late-model, silver Porsche when gunfire erupted around 4 a.m., the police said. Bullets pierced the glass and struck Mr. Pickens and his friend, who gave his name to investigators as Antar Aldiadi, 27, the police said. Taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Mr. Pickens died. His friend survived and was in critical condition with two bullet wounds to the back, the police said.

The shooting sent an immediate tremor through the hip-hop community in New York City and beyond. The 31-year-old Mr. Pickens, an associate of better-known rappers like Meek Mill and French Montana, with whom he often collaborated, earned fame through his mix tapes and performances with other rappers but never broke through with a national audience. He was working toward his first official solo album.

“The hood gotta stop glorifying suckas that kill good people!” Meek Mill wrote on his Twitter account hours after the killing.

Chinx Drugz Porsche Drive by

On Saturday night, Mr. Pickens, 31, had been listed among the performers at a club in Brooklyn, according to promotional fliers. The shooting occurred hours later, around 4 a.m., as Mr. Pickens, who lives in Ozone Park, Queens, and the other man were heading westbound along Queens Boulevard through Briarwood in a four-door Porsche. It was not immediately clear who was at the wheel.

A car pulled up along side them, the police said, and opened fire before speeding off. Both men were hit multiple times. The vehicle pulled to a stop in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts at 84th Drive and called 911, the police said.

Mr. Pickens grew up in the Edgemere public housing project in Far Rockaway, Queens, and in the mid-2000s spent several years in prison for robbery and drug sales. As a rapper, Mr. Pickens came up as a musician under the rapper Stack Bundles, who was killed in a 2007 shooting at the age of 24. Among his most popular songs was a collaboration with French Montana entitled “I’m a Coke Boy.”

In an interview with Hot 97 last year, Mr. Pickens talked about explaining his music career to his children. “What dad’s doing, is nothing different than what you see in the movies,” he said. “This is a movie with no picture. I’m just talking about it. This is not real.”

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