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“I wanted to show that you can make a grime track and it doesn’t just have to be straight 16s and then a chorus, you can do something different.” Big Zuu replies to SBTV’s Paul Gibbins. 

Big Zuu, aka Big (double u) is a West London MC, doing it big in pirate radio thanks to fellow MC Jammz. Not just popping off in The Grime Show but he’s also a name that appears in many Grime watchdog lists, for emerging new talent this year. 

Yes, “Big Who?” EP was released on June the 4th but surely you have to let the EP marinate before you start lip smacking. 

Drums provide a hip twitching beat before Big Zuu starts off by seasoning Tempa T’s bar “Rude boy get out the car.” The instrumental, firstly shines a different light on grime, as it goes astray from a typical grunge/garage beat. Something which a lot of the “new wave” are doing, adding something fresh from the old school grime natter.

“Who?” Entails bars from the throat, raspy just like MC Mez, but all for the better as he spells out his name for the oblivious. Basically eating the mic as he fires egotistic bars about disturbing the endz with his art:

“If I catch man in a radio lobby, he'll be like low it fam this is my hobby, you don't wanna get punched up and left in mode fm fam, Your yards far from totti”

“This One” hits home by revelling through the different characters we’ve all experienced in one way or another. Big Zuu communicates sympathy, empathy and respect because let’s face it, what’s an artist without their fans? An undoubtable meaningful track. 

However the next 2.22sec of your time will make you rewind cos you simply didn’t catch that.  “Shellling Dis Year” is the lyrical pinnacle of this EP. You ask why? Well, the instrumental lets you process what this Lyrical Armageddon is telling you, alongside Mic Ty, it’s a sober spitting sensation.

“Ride out” acts like a street manifesto but its AJ Tracey who owns the flow with his slick ability to synchronize his words with the filters which provide a wavy beat. The track also features Marger who adds depth with his aggressive shouty lyrics. 

Lastly, “Ballin” concludes the EP on an alternative tribal dance vibe; definitely gets your leng hand gestures out for the mandem as soon as JayAmo features on the track. 

Overall, it’s an EP which embodies Grime yet instils mature lyricism presenting Big Zuu as a concise artist with a clear vision. As he tweeted saying “Unlimited bars about shooting and killing someone, still can’t write a 16 about your life”- another seed is planted in the evolution 
of grime. 

Rating: 4/5

Follow Big Zuu on Twitter @ItsBigZuu

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