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Event Review Foreign Beggars Amersham Arms

By Asma Qureshi

Stage lit, velvet curtains either side, a half empty floor already littered with Red Stripe cans and Jack Daniel’s straws but it hasn’t even started yet?! 

Jack Daniel’s Jack Rocks campaign held a live music event at the Amersham Arms; an ongoing initiative which aims to showcase authentic independent artists at iconic independent venues across the UK.

The crowd stand hesitantly waiting to see what this tall figure in a white T is about to unveil. Rapper, Delta Lema, rocking black sued Jordan's warms the stage with a storm of beats and bars. His DJ Mr No Name bopping in sync to his dreads, as this rapper paused to say “bars, no hooks, I’m coming for all of your jaws, bars.” And he delivers exactly that, keeping the beats simple and his lyrics smart which together produced a sophisticated performance. 

Next, a duo. Girls in chokers and septum piercings begin to gravitate towards the stage with their Snapchat screens, ready to fan girl this next act. One wearing a black, leather, bucket hat and a red velvet shirt appears with his partner; a mini Konan dressed in all black. They introduce themselves as Camouflage Children and they are far from a disguise as they open their mouths on the mic. They deliver oriental influenced beats and wordplay with an inseparable energy but it was their freestyling that pricked everyone’s ears up. 

“Sit below the poet-tree in motion, got a masters in my own degree in smoking and doctorate in everything you hope to be, its chosen.”- Camouflage Children.

GE, an artists in an all grey tracksuit joined them and spat a few bars too. Ocean Wisdom, a guy wearing parental advisory tracksuit bottoms spat immaculately, not just in double time but in an original flow that married his beats and set him apart as an artist; this guy is pure talent. 

The penultimate performance is delivered by Phili N Dotz, an act from Luton, felt like the congestion charge stress was compensated through the crowd’s appreciation for their raw hip hop artistry. Smooth freestyles over classic hip hop beats, their talent is fluid and people are going crazy. 

Now it’s the time that everyone has been waiting for. Foreign Beggars take the stage. 
Event Review - Foreign Beggars Asma Qureshi

DJ Nonames gets behind the deck, twists a few knobs and up comes Metropolis with his side swept dreads and Orifice Vulgatron (I hope I spelt that right). And the whole venue is LIT. Orifice begins to rap double time, leaving people’s faces in disgusting approval while DJ Nonames scratched on pulsating garage beats leaving everyone dancing in fits. DJ No Names pulls an 04’ track out of the bag leaving Orifice, Metropolis and their hard core fans in tears of nostalgia. As the night comes to an end the vibe waves into drum and bass and so of course, Red Stripe is sprayed like champers over the moshing crowd and now I can’t differentiate the act from the spectators. As a man’s suit tears at the seams and chokers are flung in the air, it was clear that Foreign Beggars just did what they came to do, turn up at Amersham Arms. Me Gusta.


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