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SoundSkool is a North London based music college for young people to progess in the art of music. On Friday, 26th June Level 1 and Level 2 students had the opportunity to open for headline acts Lady Leshurr and Nadia Rose!

Level 1

The night started off with self-taught guitarist Daniel Booker, with his self-written track "No Games". Smoothly sung and this was only the beginning of the Level 1 students who continued to show that SoundSkool had much versatility in their ranks.

West London guitarist Ryan Bassie may have had the most unique performance of the night with an impressive guitar solo. So impressive that the crowd started clapping during his performance. Youngz, the 17 year old singer who cover Ed Sheeran's "Don't", made a smooth transition to rapping as he collaborated with Shay Shay, T and Young Jays' "Met A Girl".

The most confident of the night may have gone to DJ Chaplin, who questioned the crowd on "where his cheers were at" before combining comedy with Hip Hop for his track "My Life". And speaking of confidence, music production student Sean Latouche dedicated his performance of his self-written song for a "special lady", too bad he didn't point out who she was!

Level 2

The Level 2 students showed more experience and skill straight from the gate. Jade-Danni, who has performed on The Voice, performed a beautiful dedication to her Grandfather titled "Dedicated", which had the crowd showing their appreciation. Further female singers were Cee-Jay, with a powerful voice who may have had the performance of the night with her song "Addicted". South and North London singer Ky Ching Lowe Lowe had an R&B vibe similar to the the late Aaliyah.

As far as rappers go, you may be familiar with Mikez Blaze. The 17 year old MC had everyone in the room head-nodding to his freestyle over Ghostface Killah's "Mighty Healthy". South London rapper Ray Bandz had the melodic track "Bandz" which had many singing a long with it's catchy lyrics. Finishing off for the students was Starzy, Andrea and Big Uzz, they all brought much needed energy to the stage as they were the only rap group for the Level 2 students.

Then finally after a small delay, Lady Leshurr takes the stage and leaves the crowd in awe with her Shurraq freestyle and proceeds to perform her Queens Speech series, one episode at a time! Crowd participation only got everyone more excited as she demanded for the lights to be dimmed down before jumping in the crowd to perform.

Nadia Rose went on to be the closing act, the young South London artist made a statement on the night as to why she's one to look out for. Not only did she perform anthems but performing to a beatboxing track really summed up the night at SoundSkool. 

Unknowing of what there was promised, talent, versatility and an avalanche of fun. 

Daniel Booker - No Games SoundSkool

Cameron H - One Last Shot SoundSkool

Youngz - Ed Sheeran Don't SoundSkool

Youngz, Young Jay, Shay Shay, T - Met A Girl SoundSkool

T- I & I SoundSkool

Ryan Bassie - Guitar Solo SoundSkool

DJ Chaplin - My Life - SoundSkool

Andrea and Winer SoundSkool

Tabra-E Persian Farsi Soundskool

Jade Danni - Dedicated Soundskool

Cee-Jay - Addicted SoundSkool

Kyla Ky Ching Lowe Lowe Love Hurts SoundSkool

Sean LeTouche SoundSkool

Ray Bandz - Bandz SoundSkool



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