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Grab Giggs' brand new track 'Who's Dat' right now from any of these stores. The tracks a banger... download it via the links below: [Amazon] [Google Play] [Spotify]

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Directed by Myles Whittingham [Elixir Pictures]

Peckham's own Giggs has long been established as this country's most credible and uncompromising rap artist. Two albums – 'Walk In Da Park' and his 2011 XL Recordings debut 'Let Em Ave It' – tore up the streets alongside a series of mixtapes and huge crossover singles including 'Don't Go There' (featuring B.O.B), ‘Slow Songs (featuring Mike Skinner’), 'Look What The Cat Dragged In', 'Hustle On' and, of course, the infamous street anthem 'Talkin Da Hardest'. 

Giggs returned to set the bar even higher with album When Will It Stop? The album released on 14th October 2013 on SN1 Records and features brand new single ‘(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes’, which sees Giggs teaming up with producer Mark Ronson on potentially his biggest track yet.

Now Giggs is back with a Huge track 'Who's Dat' produced by 'Rude Kid' accompanied by this very well put together Feature length video Directed by Myles Whittingham, heavily influenced by the movie 'Shottas'. This track is due to set the music scene on fire this summer.

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