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Izzie Gibbs Project X EP Review

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Young, nang MC Izzie Gibbs drops his EP Project X. A much condensed and refined showcase of his talent since his last project ADHD which was released in 2014. This 19 year old, reps the Northampton underground scene. He is also one of Dice Recordings' new signings, what a rarity and brutal reminder to fellow Grime new-born’s, that this guy here… is a problem. 

The first track, “Get It” invites with you sweet chimes, far from a typical aggressive beat which shows his unique ability to stand out through production as well as his rhymes. The dream chaser reveals very heartfelt lyrics; a social commentary on his upbringing and being influenced by respected Grime legend, Big Narstie.    

But just forget everything I just said, as in “Reload” Izzie resurrects traditional Grime conventions, as he spits about ego over blam blam’s and a deep grungy beat. One thing that Izzie excels at, is proving to capture a flow without being distracted by heavy beats, as he demonstrates on his third track That Stuff” which features Grime don, Big H

The flow switches up in the penultimate track: “Good For It” where Izzie raps over Trap kicks and snares and lay’s bars like “ripping your girl’s extensions, got her going up and down that’s a suspension boi” one word: RECKLESS. 

Finally in “Blaming the Goose” you question where the track is going as he raps slowly and a climax reveals a club, dubstep EDM vibe. Again, revealing how Izzie can ride the beat with his bars, however it’s definitely an interesting way to conclude an EP which initially gives the impression it will whole heartedly stick to Grime. This Northampton MC, is capable of being able to dip in and out of genres showing his fluidity as an artist, will he continue to make palms sweat in this new wave of Grime? 

Ratings: 4/5

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