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Mez - 28 EP Review

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The winner of Next in Grime and Nottingham’s staple MC, Mez drops his mixtape 28 featuring his fellow man Snowy J.Dot and others completing the raspiest, 4 track EP in 2015. 

Definitely the 17 year old killing radio freestyles right now but his age is by far the last thing to worry about when Uncle Mez sprays gritty nostalgic bars on one of his popular tracks “Old Skool”, known for its dirty instrumental as Mez name drops key players in Grime; Kano, BBK, Dizzee and more. It indirectly pays respects to King of Grime, Wiley’s production on “Prestige” in Mez’s “A Days Work” EP which dropped just last year. 

His second track “Pop Off” is a warning, as if Mez is preparing us for what’s to come in the last six months of 2015. Here Nottingham meets Hackney as 21 year old Jammz features on the track, revealing the evolution of Grime geographically AND sonically; something which definitely sparks the topic of conversation in current Grime chit chat. 

JME can stay selfish with his beats but BIG UP to Teddy Music, as Teddy and Mez collaborate on the next track “Don’t Rate Ya.” The Nottingham 1-2 chant continues and flows into the last track “Nottingham 1-2” which shuts down the building every time Mez hits The Grime Show with Sir Sypro; the hardest track on the EP no doubt. 

This EP marks a time in history where Grime can travel and grow through up and coming MC’s and artists throughout the UK. Bugzy is a clear example of that and here so is Mez. The Notts MC is heading in the right direction, cosying up to the best Grime icons in the game, let’s see what this means for the future of GRIME this year!


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