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Fresh faced four piece THE AGE OF L.U.N.A are the voice of the next generation and Live. Under. No. Authority their moto. It’s also the title of their debut mixtape that the band are readying to drop at the end of July.

With an average age of just 19! Singer Danielle is 20, Rappers Kyote and Butch are both 21 and producer NK – OK is just 16!!

Even in this early stage of their development the group have already amassed support from I.D, Complex Magazine, Noisey, Dj Semtex, Paper Magazine, OK Player, The Guardian, Huck, Huw Stephens, Nemone, Clash Mag, Mista Jam and many others off the back of their first video and single released earlier in the year. 

Boom is the next track to be lifted from the movement and mixtape to follow, titled Live Under No Authority, the first step on the groups still very early path. Kyote explains the bands name and title choice….“We wanted to create something that would move the generation,” he adds, “So we’re the Age Of Living Under No Authority.”Butch continues on the groups ambitions….”We’d like to move commercial music from where it is now,”he states. “We want people to love that old school, musical vibe…..We want to bring that back to commercial music and move everyone.” Words beyond the bands very tender average age.

The Live Under No Authority mixtape will be available to download from http://www.liveundernoauthority.comfor free and also in limited cassette format. They’ll also release the single Memory Lane digitally and as a limited 10” towards the end of the month...The Age of Luna will be kicking off a school tour towards the end of July and look out for Live Under No Authority merch landing faster that you know it.

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