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By Asma Qureshi

AJ Tracey, MC from West London. Constantly seen with fellow MC Big Zuu spitting on radio sessions. This is the MC behind the bars in “Swerve N Skid.” This guy is the cool, collective one who dropped his grime EP The Front not so long ago. Without a doubt an EP which showcases AJ Tracey as a versatile artist.

Techno sounds tinker under AJ’s hook in “The Lane”; emphasising Tottenham ends. AJ’s tone is controlled which presents him as a concise MC, setting him apart from the aggressive hype; giving you a chance to absorb the lyrics regardless of the beat.

“Italy” definitely resonates with grime as his flow is grungy along with metaphorical lyrics full of references to adlibs from Konan and Skepta. This track includes his iconic line where he spits about his Angelina Jolie, no wonder he’s spitting about envy, ballin’ and sex. 

The menace winds down in “Wifey Riddim” a track for the ladies, something which up and coming MC’s skip especially when producing their first EP. Not only is he smooth, but the strings provide romantic imagery as he flicks through his fifty shades of peng tings. This track proves he can cater for both a female and male audience naturally.

But sirens announce a moshing anthem, “Hood Antics” focuses on his lifestyle from grafting to performing. The track-suit theme comes back again as he revels through his materialistic image on the streets. Another short track, but it’s to the point representing his vision as an MC.

The penultimate track “Redbull” is more of a party rhythm as AJ Tracey talks about wet p**** yet again. Featuring the loyal YGG who put the icing on this track with that fluidity which marries punchy bars with the instrumental; creating that perfect skanking party tune. 

“Champions League” finalises the EP with this Tottenham football theme, ultimately communicating his competitive charisma. Yet he still remains calm. Even with his egotistic bars, it doesn’t matter, his collective approach remains a staple especially as AJ Tracey still continues to shine after releasing his EP. E.g spitting over a Bollywood instrumental with Yasser over on Asian Network…someone show me an MC who’s done that please? AJ Tracey is the real MVP in the current Grime league.

Rating: 4/5

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