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Krept and Konan - The Long Way Home TLWH album review

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The Play Dirty OG's hit 2015 with a prolific 19 track album that had both the UK and US talking; "The Long Way Home."

For the true Krept and Konan fans, their elevation didn't just appear out of no where, we know this. The graft from Link Up sessions to selling their Play Dirty merchandise put them on a pedestal, thanks to their evolving fan base. 

Anyhow, this album bridges a gap between the U.S. and the UK, Konan's "kaboom's" are now recognised by American artists and more importantly American fans, as their single "Freak of the Week" featuring the vocally renowned Jeremih squeezed it's way onto American radio and not to mention radio worldwide as well.

You may ask, but this is a review... what's with the long intro and recycled facts? The reason why this is put into words before analysing the album is because from a literal and media perspective it isn't stressed enough. Their achievement as a UK duo, from YouTube views to a signing with Def Jam has made history so why not continue to celebrate and recognise this. 

The album is a equal balance of American and British features which deliver their relationship with each artist. Aka "Fell Apart Interlude" featuring Konan's mum is the best feature in the whole album, to be honest.

The first track stresses their achievement and material success over drawn out filters and tranquil chops, creating that perfect track for a long walk. Konan's verse provides nostalgia with a slice of his father's legacy which dominates the punchline stereotype. "The Long Way Home" is a beautiful track. 

Nah, but if you're not the type to go for a walk then enter a club with "Last Night" cause this banger is a twerk riddim. YG's verse is typical, rapping about the Westside and his "anaconda" but it definitely completes the track as his voice marries the flow perfectly.

"Fell Apart/Lucky Ones" is a sonic sequel to "My Story" as Konan revisits that particular chapter in his life. Piano keys slow chops create an emotive vibe as Krept also offers an insight on how the door to success actually opened. 

The second half "Lucky Ones" adds a pinch of Jhene Aiko sounding vocals; hope.

"Drifting away" - struggle to keep going, motivation, and punchlines and guilt 

"Do it for the Gang" is a Thot anthem, no doubt. Wiz completes that vibe as of course he raps about. The hook is twerk worthy and this track is a complete overdose of punchlines, but hello? They're just making it easier for the people who can't feel their face at 1am. Does this track compete with "Freak of the Week" in terms of being able to slide up and down a pole? Ehem, anyway. 

Rebecca Garton provides perfect vocals in "I Don't Know" followed by a excellent verse by Krept which will touch any girls heart who can empathise with loyalty confusion. Konan's verse exposes the social media thirst trap, a relatable experience that speaks to many in this generation. 

It's time to pop your Belaire Rose. Loud, shouty and a complete thug overdose in "Certified" as Rick Ross puts his duffle bag down and marinates this track with his recognised trap flow. If you're feeling thug deprived, just give this a listen and you're sorted. 

"Because of you" is a rare and underrated track, as the vocals in the hook are sweet and intimate which is completely contrasted by the verses where Krept and Konan stress their key theme- struggle and achievement. 

"Think About It" is a love letter to a heartbroken girl where the punchline kings scribe many promises. It's an optimistic track where Krept harnesses the flow and plays a hero while Konan sings... or does he? 

Scratch the softies, cause Jeremih's here to take your girl with his vocals in the club anthem "Freak of The Week." With lyrics that have the crowd singing back, this track is just hypeworthy. 

Oh, emotional again. You're in bed overthinking and "Wait up For Me/ Waiting" plays... It will have your thumbs twitching to double text your bae. Krept is Mr steal yo' girl as he talks about his intentions while Konan's infamous "waist" wordplay and smooth punchlines speaks to his attached girl. 

Nah, nah, nah, "F.W.T.S / Active" featuring Skepta is a filthy trap track with trippy high hats completely contrasted by "Dreams" featuring Ed Sheeran's angelic vocals. This is a realistic slice of the hush hush road lifestyle as Krept talks about his encounter alongside Konan's flight to his past. 

"Roses" is an underrated track. Krept and Konan speak to their friend and it's filled with piano keys of hope. Along side Emeli Sandé's touching notes with Konan's verse this track speaks for itself. Definitely an emotional turn from what you've heard so far. 

"So Easy" is sexy, that's all to say. The delicate bass with Krept and Konan's soft lyrics makes the ultimate vibe to watch your girl do whatever she needs to do, if you get what I'm saying. 

The penultimate track, "Falling"captures the climax of attachment in between the confusion of love and lust. Another overthinking and relatable tune. What a complete turnover from "Go Down South" aye. 

The final track "Messages" is a queue of voicemails from an array of recognised voices to the more personal ones. It's a clever method to conclude the track with supportive voices as you, the listener, are reminded of the reality behind their journey. Not just the journey of their album but the path they have created with their come up in the industry for the future of UK artists in the underground scene. 


Rating: 5/5

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