By Asma Qureshi

Mic Ty, the distinct voice on pirate radio has dropped his EP “Av Dis” which includes 7 tracks and a feature from the fellow MC himself Big Zuu. This body of work unites production from various producers, Jammz to Lolingo to Spooky to finesse this jewel in the Grime crown.

The MC starts off with a track which touches every Dizzee Rascal fan’s soul, as he spins the Grime legend’s song “Off To Work” with “Off to Murk.” The flow is too real because he succeeds in being able to rejuvenate a classic with fresh bars whilst delivering MC nostalgia. It’s not all serious though as a skit follows straight after which includes the Seven dwarfs singing “Hi, Ho, Hi Ho…” yes, MC’s do have a sense of humour and Mic Ty proves just that.

“64 Bar Statement III” is a self-explanatory track. His confidence comes through hot bars which are sprayed over a heavy gritty bass. But, it’s “Who’s This” where Mic Ty reaches a true height with shelly shower-powers. Big Zuu invites the track with outlandish bars and creates an adrenalin which provokes an aggressive energy in Mic Ty as he references old school Grime God Crazy Titch. This is an example of how collaboration and support still exists as a vital pillar in the new generation of Grime.

Thanks to producer Lington, “Swing in the Ring” is the hypest track, with the instrumental slyly sounding like Wiley’s “Wot Do U Call it?” whether that’s deliberate or not, the beat is a profound Grime production. Mic Ty continues to project a rage with rapid bars and the climax settles with the next track; “Swing in the Ring Skit.” Here, Mic Ty uses a sound clip from Mic Tyson which not only re-enforces his humour but it also represents his thought process as an MC; a paradigm thinker. 

Mic Ty stays shelling in the ring, as the last track “96 Bars Of Shells” goes hard and shows the fighter in his prime, lyrically and sonically. The Spooky instrumental consists of strings and heavy filters which create a thrilling beat, a perfect way to conclude the EP as Mic Ty’s sprays his most head shaking bars. This is an MC who understands how to articulate a Grime EP.

Rating: 5/5

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MIC TY - 'AV DIS EP REVIEW Reviewed by William H on 20:55:00 Rating: 5

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