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By Asma Qureshi

20, from Peckham, with nothing to hide, this is Mr Mini with his EP “Street Smart Book Smart.” This project captures his character, not just absurd but smart in two different avenues. It’s both lyrically and contextually challenging as he communicates alternative ideas to the typical themes attached to the Peckham stereotype. Grime? Rap? Whatever you what to call it, but what’s evident is that his confidence as an artist speaks volumes through his production and punchlines. 

“Hey I’m Mr Mini” There’s a strong influence from Eminem’s insanity which fuels the beat and lyrics; “When I doo doo I wipe my bum and take a look at it, to remind myself the reason why my mum thinks I’m full of sh**” gold. He even admits the correlation in his lyrics in the third verse, but aside from that comparison Mr Mini’s artistry stands alone as his label, achievement and unique ability to graft solo is a respected rarity. 

Rage and attitude dominate in “Stone Age” as the beat is so hip hop and equally so is the flow! Ah the flow is so mean, if you sit through this track stationary then get yourself checked out!!!“Baf” touches on the nostalgia from his track “When I was 12” where he gets another cinema date, he gets a lot of those, yet was too broke to go. The hook is too catchy and wealth is definitely the deeper meaning behind the comical beat. This is the beauty Mr Mini; conveying serious messages through humour!

Oh, looks like Mr Mini Is feeling a certain type of way about a girl in “Can’t Trust No Beanies” where he becomes attached but it seems this beanie is more concerned with getting some Louboutins. Yet, “Right Vibe” is the track that begins to refine Mr Mini’s sound with a delicate rhythm and this completely contrasts with Mr Mini’s filthy lyrics throughout as he dwells on… getting high, and well other explicit content which I’ll let your ears decipher for themselves. 

The artist opens up about his lifestyle in “Sick Life” where he communicates education, crime and how to get by in this life. Grafting and hustling is then rewarded with women and alcohol, the ultimate life…aye? But, it’s the last track which will make the Left Wing start twitching their fists. 

“Prime Minister’s Questions” is where Mr Mini steals the persona of a Prime Minister, every verse tackles politically sold dreams and the hypocyrical scepticism behind the order of our government!

This EP is exactly what it says it is. Even previous tracks such as “Freedom of Speech” right through to “Legalisation of Cannabis” prove his fixation with honest and conscious lyricism and knows exactly how to deliver them...through radical comedy and scrapbook visuals.

Rating: 4/5

Follow him on Twitter @MrMiniUK

Follow on Twitter @GrimeCulture

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