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P Money continues his assault of track releases from his forthcoming ‘Money Over Everyone 2’ mixtape which is the first release on his own label Originators, and a sequel to his first groundbreaking mixtape‘Money Over Everyone’. ‘Roll Up’ brings together four MC’s from two of the strongest Grime crews in the UK, OGz and Stay Fresh with production from the mighty Footsie.

Since the original mixtape was released, P Money has become one of the most sought-after emcees in the UK, establishing himself as a charting act whilst maintaining his integrity and loyalty to Grime and Bass through various tracks and collaborations with the likes of True Tiger, Marco Del Horno & Swerve, released via Virgin Records, Rinse and Black Butter Records.

 ‘Money Over Everyone 2’ features a plethora of Grime talent. The tracklisting hosts productions from The HeavyTrackerz, Splurgeboys, Sir Spyro, Prince Rapid, Footsie and more, with emcee appearances from the Newham Generals, Saf One and of course, the OG’z. The forces come together to generate 71 minutes of twisted variation across 20 tracks. A selection of intense hype riddems are elevated further with clever word play and P Money’s famed snappy flow on tracks such as ‘Shotta’, ‘Pressurized’ and ‘Banditt Riddem’before jolting you back in to your seat with an unexpected twist of deep lyricism and emotion on ‘There For You’ and the thought provoking ‘Over & Over’.


Sounds & Gimmicks  (Prod. by 28 Hurtz)
Who’s in Charge (Prod. by Kahn & Neek & Plastician) 
Crushed  (Prod. by Swifta) 
Shotta  (Prod. by Royal T )
Roll Up ft Deadly, Blacks & Saf One (Prod. by Footsie)
No Hook ft Spooks & Desperado (Prod. by QuietPvck)
Over & Over ft OGz & Emil (Prod. by Fly)
Sounds of the Sir ft Newham Generals (Prod. by Spyro)
On a Fun One  (Prod. by Shredda)
My Lingo  (Prod. by Thomas Mellor)
Feel My Bass  (Prod. by Heavytrckerz)
Pepper Riddim  (Prod. by Rapid)
Money ft Splurgeboys  (Prod. by Splurgeboys)
Yearrhh  (Prod. by Heavytrckerz)
Pressurized  (Prod. by Proxima)
Banditt Riddem ft Desperado  (Prod. by Crayzee Banditt)
Bags Under My Eyes  (Prod. by Shredda)
You Know Me  (Prod. by SNY)
There For You (Prod. by Crayzee Banditt)

Bonus Track: Never left Prod. by Kenny D 

Official Links: || Twitter: @kingpmoney || Facebook: pmoneyofficial || Instagram: @kingpmoney
Bandcamp: kingpmoney

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