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“It’s nice to see a guy that’s working so hard I can’t keep track and they’re actually gonna’ come out as well.” Logan Sama circa 2008. 

An intro is not needed but for those of you that don’t know…from his Pepper Riddim to his Coins to Notes mixtape waaay back, this is the grime OG, P Money back with his sequel mixtape “Money over Everyone 2.”

You’re in a rave and you’re sweating your 2 piece chicken and chips as P Money announces Money Over Everyone 2 in his first track “Sounds & Gimmicks.” It’s as self-explanatory as it Ghetts. (haha get it?) The clash titan takes iconic grime adlibs: from JME’s “serious” to Charlie Sloth’s “Hadouken” button and reminds grime fans, old and new of his loyalty to the genre. 

Hyped chops in “Crushed” only provide a warning as the MC uses wordplay to fires shots at Big H, or is he? His flow then begins to resonate with German Whip and his lyrics are far from shy, so although P Money seems calm in interviews, what’s he pumped up for, not another clash surely?

The mixtape includes a mirage of recognisable sounds; with Spyro’s touch in “Sounds of the Sir” to “Over & Over” which echoes Stormzy’s “Not that Deep” and definitely stands out as a banger in the whole mixtape. His flawless flow, the beat, the features the hook. “Banditt Riddim” is another example of a track where a sick sample is restored with P Money’s lyrical flare. But the epitome of this mixtape is “Pressurized” because P Money allows himself to spit overtly and does not hold back. With that, the lyrics and chops create a balance where one doesn’t out do the other. You can bop or mosh, either way this track is P Money speaking to all the rave DJ’s out there. 

 The hook in “Feel My Bass” will leave you shaking your head in disgust, LYRICS this is an example of an original track that becomes sonically amplified; revealing a grime and trap crossover. Skipping out of trap and into the tranquil strings in “There for You” as the MC opens up about fatherhood and lets us now about a next sequel; there’s always more from P Money init. 

But yes as P Money is known to do, he flips on “Never Left” and reminds those who may have dipped in and out of the mixtape that he has the last word. Firing OG shots, in the last 30 seconds of the track P Money adopts Stormzy’s flow from his “Know me from.”

P Money’s gully, reverberating beats and accurate lyricism combined with familiar instrumentals and flows showcases the sonic merge of past and present. The hard working grime OG with numerous mixtapes, freestyles and history to show it, this mixtape leaves you in awe of the next one, proving this is an MC with immortal artistry.  

Rating: 5/5

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