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Future-grime pioneering producer Sh?m has certainly made a name for himself in the past year with his contrasting sound. Taking on various genres, Sh?m’s prominent production style has turned many heads. He now announces the release date for his debut EP Symphonies of Love and Destruction, out on 6 July with a launch event on 4 July in Hackney, East London, blending art, music and photography. 

The West London based producer has come along way since his days spent playing around with an early incarnation ofCubase, trying to find his unique style to a soundtrack of early Skepta and Wiley productions. Since then he has played shows in places such as Singapore and Vienna, and can add names as varied as Bondax, Joker and Plastician to his fan base. 

Having sneaked visits into his step-dad’s home studio as a child, music was always a natural path for Sh?m, and he has spent the years since enhancing his skills, refining his sound and incorporating visuals into his music through his work with Show Them Agency. Show Them is a London-based company whose aim is to develop the careers of both musical and visual artists through creative collaboration and intelligent marketing. Operating as a true collective, Show Them connects talented young British musicians, artists, illustrators and photographers, helping them to express their creativity and deliver relevant, high quality products and experiences. As well as Sh?m, their current roster includes, producer Conducta, photographer Prexactly and artists Kasper Plougmand & Funilab.

Sh?m's EP’s namesake represents the duality in his music; at once creating soft, musical landscapes that turn the heads of people such as Soulection, while also creating harder, grittier sounds that are ‘more suitable for going nuts in a club.’

Experimenting with sounds; ‘Serendipity’ & ‘I Just’ are examples of the smoother tracks Sh?m is capable of. Sh?m’s more recent ‘Destruction’ & ‘Get Back’ shows his true London roots with a heavier, grimey sound. Sh?m leads his EP release with the epic 'Unreciprocated Feelings'.

Looking to the future, there are a lot of exciting collaborations in the works, including the push of ‘Sh?m b2b Conducta’: Bristol’s fastest- rising garage/grime producer, as well as projects involving DIVERSA, Teeza and a host of mystery MCs.

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