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It's been a while since Bugzy Malone shook up the Grime scene with his notorious Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth. The Manchester MC became praised and scrutinised because of his beef with Chip and he has finally come through with an up to date project. However, "Walk With Me" is more than bars and shots at Chip.

There's a message behind Walk With Me. It's not sure that Bugzy Malone himself realises the importance of the project in today's society, not just on a music level. Starting with "Ready To Blow", Bugzy is indicating he's ready for the fame as he is putting the work in. He raps as if he has a chip on his shoulder (no pun intended) and he's ready to go on to the next stage of his life. 

If you're wondering, Bugzy does address the Chip situation in "Watch Your Mouth". This one sounds perfect for a rave as he turns the track into an anthem with the simple chorus but has some harsh words for Chip in each verse. To be honest, he just sounds like he's putting the situation to bed as he's saying nothing we haven't heard from the feud before. "Gassed" gives a similar vibe but he only sends a couple shots at Chip this time with "I got sent for but I sent back, they should've called m the career devastator". He rides the beat ridiculously and shows he's consistently good with hooks. 

Now back to the meat and potatoes of the project. There's a recurring theme in Walk With Me that will feel similar to a lot of young people in dysfunctional families and broken homes. You hear Big Narstie say this word a lot but the true context of word isn't funny. Pain is described in both tracks "M.E.N" and "Pain" as Bugzy expresses the psychological difficulties of overcoming fallouts in his family. The sociopath outcome of having to overcome such obstacles is relatable to many, as he describes it as "Watching documentaries of serial killers, feeling I can relate". Although, don't let the subject matter hide the fact that of how good the songs are sonically. The production is great thus far and so is Bugzy's song writing ability.

You can also identify various tracks on Walk With Me as motivational. "Get Paid" being one of them with bars like "I don't care if you got A's and B's, get out your bed and start making P's!". Bugzy also furthers his ambitions in "Pagans", his distinctive delivery could get repetitive at this point but thankfully, the 0161 MC has a varied song writing structure that doesn't.

Closing the project with the title track "Walk With Me" shows Bugzy Malone's mind state and his determination to succeed goes deeper than making money and being recognised as a great MC. He seems to have set a path for Manchester and he is prepared to lead the way. Not just for artists but for people who have a similar background and wish to readjust their focus on to a positive path and growth. The project overall is far from a let down from the hype. Bugzy as shown versatility, competitiveness, knowledge and ear for production. Can he top it?

Rating: 4.5/5

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