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DJ Target and Danny Weed's Pitched Up event ended up becoming a night to remember as not only did the registered acts tear it down, but some surprise appearances from Tinchy Stryder, Manga and Shizz McNaughty also made it memorable. 

The warmness of the crowd could be felt from the moment the first act hit the stage. South London's rising Reggae artist Kiko Bun as he performed three tracks, including the body-swaying "Where I'm From". From that point, the tone was set. London's usual multi-cultural crowd was already skanking to JME, Ruff Squad and whatever was travelling at 140 BPM.

The next act was probably the most unique of the night. 20 year old Kieran Alleyne was the one that had the girls moving towards the stage as he transitioned from singing to dancing. His DJ Mustard produced single, "Be Around", even had the guys bouncing along before he closed with "Comfortable", featuring Bonkaz and Paigey Cakey.

With DJ SKT on the decks EVERYBODY was raving, one girl with a champagne bottle cleared the floor as she was feeling the energy a little too much. But out of nowhere, the room became filled with Sir Spyro struggling to pass through the crowd to get to the DJ booth and Double S bringing all the attention towards him. 

Double S

The North Londoner showed why he's a MC as he started the crowd participation immediately. Everybody in the room chanting "You Know My Ting!", responding to his hook on his Flow Farda EP cut. It was safe to say it was shut down when he brought up his Marvell brother Shocka to perform "Greatest".

Double S and Shocka

WSTRN - Louis Rei, Akelle Charles and Haile

And if the room wasn't hype enough, Akelle Charles brought Louis Rei and his cousin Haile with him to form WSTRN and the whole stage was taken over by the people who were suppose to be watching. As you can see from the above, the crowd invaded the WSTRN set. Manga, of Roll Deep, was enjoying the performance as much as everyone. The positive vibes and good energy never dipped. 

Out of nowhere, Tinchy Stryder was passing through the crowd giving hugs and high-fives. Shizz McNaughty was also bopping his head to Sir Spyro's mixes before the little MC from Birmingham touched the mic. 

Lady Leshurr and fan

Lady Leshurr

The crowd chanting "Leshurr! Leshurr!" as microphone problems gave her a slow start but Lady Leshurr tore it down as she performed all 4 of her "Queens Speech" freestyles for the first time! She even had crowd participation of her own, dragging a random fan to dance with as she performed.

That was just the icing on the cake for an unforgettable night. Of course Sir Spyro stayed on the turntables to close while everyone partied like they don't have work in the morning.

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