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Bloodline's Milli Major delivers a new project after admitting the fans weren't feeling his last CD, H.E.R.O. Let's see if he pulled through with his latest effort, "Bloods Thicker Than Water".

Milli Major's known for his aggression, not just on tracks but his rough character might have you thinking his tracks are predictably... rough. The opening of the EP starts with the 2014 release, "Winning". A polished sound that you might not expect from Milli Major but it also comes with an unpredictable line up of D Double E and Big H. All three MC's blend well and the same can be said for the following track "Stable". Milli Major already shows he's versatile on the opening two tracks with Lil Nasty and Scrufizzer providing bars on the relevant club banger.

"Shut Down the Dance", however, might not sound as fresh but in a rave of bright lights and alcohol it might be the own to go crazy on. President T's presence is felt as Paper Pabs stays on topic. Although, "Original Bloodline" may be the pick of the 9. Moelogo's smooth vocals on the hook was the icing on the cake as Bossman Birdie and Paper Pabs add to Milli Major's detailed street talk and flow over the instrumental fittingly. It's an interesting turn on the project as it's followed by "Rally" and "Levels" both sound just right to blast your speakers with. Chronik and Flirta D add a new dimension to the EP lyrically, with their own unique styles.

The closing of the EP is a brilliant one. "War We" is over the classic Pay As You Go Cartel sample, who Milli Major lists as one of his influences, assisted by Maxwell D and Bossman Birdie does the remix justice. The outro of the EP is something you don't hear often, as it's a remix of the intro. It almost sounds Dr Dre-ish and arguably sounds better than the original. Smack, from the Czech Republic comes through giving the track that international appeal and it was a really nice touch. 

Overall, the EP is solid. Some of the tracks might be familiar to you as some were released over a year ago, however, there are solid tracks that might sound better with a live performance. Milli Major's recruitment of his Bloodline brothers helps to cement their sound and chemistry that should last them for years to come. Hopefully we get a follow-up project to get some insight and focus on Milli Major though.

Rating: 3.5/5

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