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Milli Major Interview

With the release of his new EP, Thicker Than Water, Milli Major discusses the project, why he hasn't been on Lord Of The Mics, Trim sending for President T and more! Read below

Grime Culture: Blood's Thicker than Water, why an EP and not an album?

Milli Major: I wanted to do an EP and not album for this project because every song on there is a big record in my opinion. So instead of me releasing 7 or 8 singles, I can put them all in one place for everyone and in my heart and I do to want to release an album yet. I got some big features on there the whole of bloodline is on there and every features more than once and I've also got D Double E, Chronik, Flirta D, Lil Nasty, Smack, Moelogo and Scrufizzer.

GC: Why the name?

MM: The project has so many Bloodline features on it considering it's an EP so I wanted to title to reflect that. Because it's a very family orientated project in terms of the collaborations and stuff.

GC: Who's officially part of Bloodline?

MM: Me, Paper Pabs, Big H, Bossman Birdie, President T and Meridian Dan. I was in a crew called Cold Blooded. I left them and Meridian split up then JME and Skepta made Boy Better Know and everyone else formed Bloodline.

GC: How did you get your name?

MM: I got the name Major from having such an authoritative nature as a kid growing up its very rare to find that someone so young on the street has their own mind, so I can see why I was called that now.

GC: Why did you take off the 9 in '9 Milli Major'?

MM: Because it represents a life style I don't live anymore and I've made a promise to my self to be a positive person. 

GC: How did you get into rapping?

MM: Through listening to Nasty Crew, Pay As You Go, Kartel and being around friends that DJ and I would jus pick up the mic.

GC: Does up bringing in North London influence your music?

MM: Definitely, but I think no matter where you grown up will have that affect most musicians draw inspiration from their surroundings.

GC: Top 5 albums?

Marshall Matthers LP
The Chronic
Get Rich Or Die Trying
All Eyes On Me
Boy in the Corner

GC: Why have we not seen you on Lord Of The Mics?

MM: Because Jammer has something against me simple really (laughs). If we were friends I would of been on there ages ago, I've had people ask me that for years to the point were I don't even think I wanna be on there anymore. Recently, the DVD has lost a lot of credibility.

GC: Your opinion on Trim sending for President T?

MM: Trim's taken a turn for the worst man I know he's having alcohol issues so I wish him the best. Right now he is in no position to say anything about anyone in Bloodline.

GC: How much to get you to Clash?

MM: It's. It just about the money it depends who I'm clashing and what platform it's on all these things get taken into account.

GC: Are you cool with every other Grime artist? If no then why not?

Yeah most of them and the ones who I ain't cool with don't get a mention in 2015.

Grime artist you rate at the moment?

Bloodline, that includes myself by the way.

GC: Any artist you want to work with?

MM: Yeah definitely. I want to work with Professor Green, Dappy, Labrinth, Jaguar Skills, Skrillex and Dizzee Rascal. 

GC: Is Milli Major signed? 

MM: Nope I'm not signed to any label just me, my Bloodline and my manager Christian Alvez, who is the CEO of Starwork Music.

I'm in a position where a label would have to make me a proper good offer because right now me and my team have everything we need to do what we have to.

GC: What's next for Milli Major?

MM: I got singles, merchandise, mid to high end fashion, EP's, mixtapes, shows everything's next for Major. I'm living my life man just taking each day as it comes and working hard.

GC: Where can we get Blood's Thicker than Water?

Connect with Milli Major
Twitter: @MajorB2DAL
Instagram @MajorB2DAL

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