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Chip - Light Work EP Review

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Just when we thought it was all over, Chip tells Bugzy Malone to "Hold 3 in a week". Some say it's too late, others are claiming Bugzy's career is over (we were hearing the opposite after his Fire In The Booth) but you can't deny that Chip can't be taken lightly with "Light Work".

The Tottenham, North London, MC sets off the project with the infamous "Pepper Riddim" but extends the Rapid tine with the Heavytrackerz produced "The End", where he initially said he implied that he wasn't responding to any more disses. The only thing you can ask is why come out with these disses months after? Only Chip can answer that but the back tracking begins with the title track where he says exactly what he should've said about Bugzy Malone in the beginning. 

"Relegating what? Relegating who? You're relegating who? Telling kids to turn into the Devil and the industry wants to champion you?"

When making diss songs, it's quite fun picking out quotes: "You ain't the Devil, you're a human being, so you can die like me, camouflaging in evil settings to hide the fact you can't rhyme like me!"

You have to give it to Chip that this point, the clear inspiration from Drake has the fans back on his side again with "Run Out Riddim" but the best out of the lot had to have been the "Hat-Trick".

The instrumental isn't Grime but at a slower tempo to talk to Bugzy rather than rant and rave. "Jump on me to grow, I ain't no Mario mushroom". Not to mention the shots aimed at Charlie Sloth and J Avalanche, Chip seems to have a new found confidence that you simply can't hate on. 

The winner of the beef is all opinion but there hasn't been a time where an artist has dropped 3 disses in a week, with visuals, and it's still healthy for the scene. Even if you felt he took too long, Chip still brought some quality material and even gave it to you on an EP for a few quid. Bugzy, at the same time, won a RATED award for his breakthrough (much deserved) so the talk about either of their careers being over is premature. Hopefully there's more to come.

Rating: 4/5

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