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Writer and collaborator Mark Asari has already compiled a healthy list of hits which he has contributed on, either through song writing or vocal features. This time teaming up with Giggs he comes back into view as a solo artist with new offering ‘Good One’. Summer ’15 saw Mark feature as guest vocalist on Luv Bug’s debut house crossover track ‘Revive’ which charted at number 17 on the official charts. This success led to a performance with Luv Bug at V Festival and Birmingham Pride. More recently as a solo performer he has opened for Angel in his sold out show in London. The journey so far has seen Mark grace studios with the likes of Ariana Grande, Tinie Tempah, Chipmunk, Angel, Artful Dodger, Wretch 32 and Labrinth. With much more in the bag for 2015, this is an artist you may want to keep tabs on.
Mark describes how the track came about and what it’s about..

“I was at Greatness Jones' house one day and he played me the beat and it instantly caught me – starting with a classic soul grove and then the drums kick in giving it that hip-hop edge. I took the beat home and I came up with some melodies which resulted in Good One. I left a space for a rapper because I felt someone could help to take it to the next level. Through mutual friends I reached out to Giggs and thankfully he was up for jumping on it. The song is basically about wanting the perfect girl as we're now approaching winter.”

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