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Coco - Grime Culture interview

Grime Culture has an interview with Sheffield's very own rising Grime artist Coco! The "Big Bou Yah" artist breaks down his Sheffield upbringing, his favourite Grime MC's and producers, the Chip vs Bugzy Malone beef and more!

Grime Culture: What was it like growing up in Sheffield?

Coco: Growing up in Sheffield was fun, I always had a lot of friends, even before I went to secondary school. It was like... everyone knew my name as Coco because one of the guys who gave [the name] to me was already at that school before so I had quite a warm welcoming when I got there. So yeah man, I've always been that sociable guy. And with music in Sheffield, it's sort of bred me to become the MC I am today man so without Sheffield I probably wouldn't be this person, you know what I'm saying?

GC: Yeah, so was it rough growing up in Sheffield?

C: For me? I wouldn't say it was rough, no because the area I was living in wasn't really a rough area I wouldn't say. Surrounding areas around me were, like you've got your areas that are obviously disadvantaged but I had friends from everywhere, man, but with myself I guess it's just about knowing yourself. And sort of not being something you're not. So with me being true to myself and me being me, I never got into any altercations. I didn't trouble man. I had to say my life was alright growing up, to be fair.

GC: What are your favourite Childhood memories? 

C: I hate these on the spot questions, I'm so rubbish! Childhood memories... definitely going to the studio, when I was younger. That was always a blessing for me because being a young kid and been around something that's quite new to me but something I want to pursue now, it was sick at that time because I never knew where it was gonna take me and what I could make out of it. So making music, that was a good memory for myself in the early stages.

GC: When did you make your first song?

C: I made my first song when I was in year 9. Two of my friends had a studio and I use to have a little rubbish mic so I think the first ever song I made was in my house over that Essentials beat, that State Your Name, on a rubbish mic. Made that, contemplating whether I should put this out or not. I was sitting on it for ages, it was rubbish bruv, proper rubbish! It had like a little bit of incorpration of where I'm from, I was from an area called S9, so when I released it everyone from S9 went mad! You know what I mean? But it was it was rubbish!

GC: Why did you start making Grime?

C: I don't know, I think it's just something that I sort of fit in, really. I think being in born in the 90s and been in that generation where Grime was a thing for kids in the UK, I think it was inevitable that that's the music that I made. I listen to R&B and stuff and other elements of music but Grime's just me, man, I couldn't make any other music in the early stages. I thought "this is what I gotta do" to show people that I'm this kind of person, you know what I mean?

GC: Who are you favourite Grime MC's?

C: Skepta, JME... see when I get put on the spot I'm rubbish! Skepta, JME, Wiley... there's loads aren't there? I'll have to pass on the two, sorry!

GC: And... producers?

C: Producers? Oh that's a good one! Producers... Swifta, [as in] Swifta Beater, Skepta again, producers, producers... I think Maniac's good, who else? I'm trying to think of the beats I got. I can't think of any other two, I'll come back to you on that one!

GC: Chip or Bugzy?

C: [Laughs] Chip or Bugzy? Chip.

GC: How did you connect with Toddla T?

C: Well I moved down to London in February. We've got a friend that obviously knows us both and my friend moved down to London. So when I moved down to London he obviously showed Toddla a track that we made before. My friend is a producer. And when Toddla heard it he said "we might as well get it poppin' so what we waiting for? He's a good MC, seems like he's got the right attitude, so lets just do it man!" So from there it was quite inevitable. 

GC: Can we expect a project?

C: Right now there's nothing in the pipelines in terms of like a mixtape or a album or a EP. I think my main focus is just to keep getting the singles out there, just keep making noise with each of those singles and just getting as many people to hear me as possible, man. That's it, I think in time if an album needs to be made, it'll be made but right now just keep making the music in the studio and putting it out one by one, that's it.

You can catch the full interview coming to the Dice Recordings TV YouTube channel.

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