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Big Narstie - Top 10 Uncle Pain

It's the birthday of Grime's top MC, Big Narstie! Check out some of his most hilarious Uncle Pain videos to celebrate!

10. My Mum's Boyfriend's a Pervert

"She broke the vibrator"! Number 10 has the be the response to Charlotte from Kingston, who has some confessions about her Mum's new boyfriend.

9. Big Narstie Responds to Man with 10 Stone Testicles

The title says it all. Big Narstie and Lordie analysed the Channel 4 special of "The Man with 10 Stone Testicles" and tried to be as sensitive to the poor man's problem as they could!

8. My Mum Caught Me W*nking

Someone claims his friend was caught enjoying himself but Lordie and Narstie don't believe him. They give him a stern talking to: "You need to go back to the 70s where you had to w*nk in the toilets"!

7. I Want to W*nk for Cash

Another guy claiming his "friend" wants to explore his body but this time for cash! Narstie and Lordie warn the crazy guy who is about to have his new job!

6. My Brother Had Sex with My Girlfriend

The situation is as bad as the title looks but Narstie gives some great advice to a lovestruck fool who still loves his girlfriend after sleeping with his brother!

5. I Caught My Girlfriend Having Sex

WILSON! 16 year old Wilson from Leeds handles his girl problems like a man in this classic teenager love story. Narstie and Lordie had to give it up!

4. I Fell in Love with a Prostitute

And here we have a fool that can't be helped, however, Narstie and Lordie try to steer him in the right direction after the poor bloke fell in love with an escort.

3. Big Narstie Responds to Dappy Getting Kicked by a Horse & Going Bankrupt

Big Narstie breaks down the reality of N-Dubz' Dappy getting kicked by a horse by telling a story of his own. Then finds out he's going bankrupt. He's in shock!

2. Big Narstie Responds to Tulisa Selling Cocaine

While Tulisa, of N-Dubz, was going through a legal battle and shame over her confusing actions of trying to sell cocaine, Big Narstie is just as baffed as everyone else!

1. She was Cheating at the Supermarket 

The beginning of the infamous Clive. After sending his crazy story to Big Narstie and Lordie, the two tried to give him some solid advice but in the end Clive tried to sue!

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