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‘Bars’, premiered by Noisey, comes with a deep, gritty and serious tone courtesy of Twenty8Hurtz on production. The video capturing the darker side of Jammer and his beloved Grime scene; the perfect fit for Halloween weekend with the eerie surroundings for the Bipolar Spider directed video.

Taking it back to old skool grime delivery, Jammer drops verse after verse with no bait hooks, just straight murky lyrics. He name checks veterans of the scene including D Double E, Fekky and radio station Déjà Vu giving an insight to the road that has been walked on the journey to the deliverance of ‘Bars’.

Proving his skills of late as an artist, producer and DJ has verified Jammer as an all round triple-threat. Pulling together the all-star cast of emcees for recent hit Royal Rumble as lead track for top ten release Lord of the Mics 7, (which he is also the co-founder of), was followed in quick succession by the release of his remix to Disclosure’s ‘Jaded’, which was premiered by i.D and picked up by Radio 1, dance DJ, Pete Tong.

Jammer is here, always has been, always will be and keeps supplying more than ever before. This time it’s serious, this time “let’s see who can dark”.

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