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"In Kannan's previous SBTV he briefly touched on problems that he had with his mum & how he felt when his dad got stabbed & nearly died so I wanted him to elaborate more on the relationship he had with his parents and in his debut Warm Up Session he painted a picture with words & I fully respect him for getting this off his chest & letting you know a bit about his life. This is the sort of content I personally live for so if you have something interesting to say or stories to let loose, please get in touch as I want any artist wether that be a singer or a MC/rapper to tell their stories. SBtv isn't just my platform, it's our platform. I hope you lot have seen the different sort of content we've been putting out (Coinz, Dave & Rapman are most recent amongst others), it's not everyday bang bang anywhere gang - for me it's all about positive vibes that can inspire through music & as SB is a big platform, we know with great power, comes responsibility so we want our audience & the artists we feature to think in different ways." - Jamal Edwards

Produced by @HyphoLouis
Clothing by @rebel8

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