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Huntizzy - The Gift 2 mixtape cover

Huntizzy returns with fresh and original production as he delivers "The Gift 2", full of mind-picturing lyrics.

It's been over a year since Huntizzy released his last mixtape, "Just Barz", and since then he's shown he can deliver an even higher quality of punchlines and storytelling over all original production. He released an EP titled The Final Touch in October and that was just a teaser of what he can do.

North London's legendary MC starts off the project with pure honesty you don't hear from artists these days. "When I think of it, my whole life I've been influenced, I was raised around ignorance, the feds were trying to take fingerprints". The intro lets you know where his head is at throughout the mixtape. A matured poet that offers his experiences in the form of advice to the next person that may be living in a tough situation. 

These type of lyrics can be inspiring and the beat selection compliments the bars perfectly. Track 5 is "What Do You See" and he even goes on to say "I see a man of experience, a man that knows the ting, I see a man that's got a dark cloud over him. You see me smiling but you see that smile's a camouflage, the devil's trying to make me join his team like Eric Cantona". How many of you can relate to that right there? However, The Gift 2 all about the struggle. We can go from More Money More Problems to How We Roll, featuring the talented East London singer Bernice and back to "Cake", with two brilliant verses from Squeeks and Propane.

It has to be said though, the storytelling skills from Huntizzy are the highlights of the mixtape. The story of friends turning enemies in "Don't Like You" and the day in the life of a hustler in "My Phone". But the vivid images continue throughout the project, The Gift 2 is an exceptional piece of work and an small hint of what's to come in 2016.

I think it's safe to say that this a present for everyone this Christmas.

You can get The Gift 2 from Huntizzy himself! Request the project from him via his social media below. Streaming will be via and on Christmas day.


Listen to the full mixtape below!


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