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President T Interview with Grime Culture

President T has reestablished himself on the Grime scene as the Greatest To Ever Touch Down is finally released and talks to Grime Culture about the mixtape, the reason for delaying "Stranger Returns", not getting the respect he deserves and gives great music business advice. Read a preview of the interview below.

Grime Culture: How are you President T! A lot of fans don't believe Stranger Returns is even coming with this new mixtape. Why the delay?

President T: Because I've made the fans wait so long, between me and management, we've made up our minds and said the Greatest To Ever Touch Down is actually coming out first as a pre-starter to Stranger Returns. So Stranger Returns is still coming out, it's just that The Greatest To Ever Touch [Down] is to gear you up for it!

GC: So who is the Greatest To Ever Touch Down?

Prez T: The Greatest To Ever Touch Down is me! The reason why I labelled myself that is because I've been in this ting for over a decade and a lot of MC's that have been in it as long as me not here no more... or doing stuff that ain't original Grime. So other MC's, a lot of other rappers know that I'm The Greatest To Ever Touch Down and no one can tell me nothing! Anyone that does can come see me! We'll challenge, we'll clash, whatever! You know what's real.

GC: Can't argue with that! So after you, who's the Greatest To Ever Touch Down?

Prez T: After Me?

GC: Yeah.

Prez T: I would say that's up to the fans to make up. The fans would have to choose [for] themselves, who they believe who is the greatest to ever touch down after President T. But there's a lot of MC's right behind me that are trying to get the title. And all respect to them. The title is up for grabs!

GC: One thing I can say about you is that your style is very unique. Your flow, delivery... how did you come up with it?

Prez T: It's a mixture of coming from the Drum & Bass era, way before Grime was even invented. Listening to the first MC's that pioneered this Grime scene, the first few. Also having relatives from up North, Birmingham, Manchester sides and combining all those things in one and that's what brought the President T flow.

GC: So how did you start MCing?

Prez T: I've been into music from a young kid, my Mum was a singer, she had records out back in the 80s. She was part of a group called Sugar & Spice. She was signed but I believe that she got ripped off or something like that. Back in the day all these singers was getting ripped off and that but she kinda, basically gave me my first direction of wanting to be involved in this music. Also, my father was a Caribbean MC, which they use to call "DJ" back then. He use to run his own sound in Birmingham, so that where it all comes from. 

GC: That's crazy, do you feel like you get the respect for the work you've put in?

Prez T: Not off everyone, no. But slowly but surely, I am getting the respect I am owed. Deserved off individual people in this Grime. And recently I've noticed a big change. I have.

GC: So how did you know that music would be a career for you?

Prez T: I knew from when I was younger. I knew like, my unique flow and pattern, the way I've managed pattern this whole Grime scene... I knew that I would have a career out of it, eventually. But I wasn't sure when.

GC: So if you could speak to yourself 10 years ago, what advice would you give?

Prez T: I would've gave myself advice like... "Prez, don't stop what you're doing, don't let nothing in life stop you from continuing your music, don't take no gaps". Maybe if I would've gave myself that advice, I'd be a lot further than I am now. But that's the advice I would've gave myself. Cause I feel like the fans have had a big gap and... I could of, If I was really focused, kept continuous with the music. Continuous, continuous but as things going on in my life. That's why.

You can catch the full interview coming to the Grime Culture YouTube channel.

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