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Grime Culture ranks the best 10 sets of The Grime Show with Sir Spyro for 2015! Take a look below.

A lot of people were woken up by the talent that's in Nottingham. Kyeza, Aye Nizzy, Nartz and more repped Nottz to the fullest on The Grime Show!

9. Grime Yard

Coming all the way from Amsterdam, Grime Yard put a Dutch twist to The Grime Show! You may not understand every word but just know that they go in!

8. AJ Tracey, MicTy & Big Zuu

AJ Tracey, Mic Ty and Big Zuu all had solid projects in 2015 and they came together with Sir Spyro on the decks and shut it down on the mic!

7. Monkstar

At number 8, we have Monkstar. The return of the forgotten Newham Generals member came as a surprise to many but he didn't miss a beat.

6. Mez, Kozzie, Kyeza, Izzie Gibbs & More 

This 40 minute set was full of bars and flows while Kyzea, Izzie Gibbs, Kozzie, Mez, Rawza and more gave an indication of what the future of Grime will be.

5. Capo Lee, DJ Spooky, Merky Ace, Teddy Music & More

With the release of the Welcome To Clartsville mixtape from Capo Lee and DJ Spooky, Merky Ace, Teddy Music, Mic Ty, Big Shizz and more joined them to deliver one of the standout sets of the year.

4. Invasion Alert 

Invasion Alert invaded The Grime Show and didn't disappoint. The Midlands crew, featuring Tazzle, Jaykae, Vader, Villain and a lot more held their own even without Sox and Izzie Gibbs.

3. D Double E & Diesle D Power 

Two legends, D Double E and D Power, stepped to Sir Spyro's show and tore it down! 23 minutes of shelling, young MC's take note.

2. Mez, Novelist, Faultsz & More 

Nothing but energy and talent was in this set as Novelist, Mez, Jammz, Snowy and a lot more gave Sir Spyro a lot of reloading to do.

1. Ghetts, So Large, Cadell & Rival 

Ghetts is one of the best to ever do it but a lot of light was shone on Rival, So Large and Cadell to make probably the best Grime Show set of 2015!

Did we miss any? Make a comment below

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