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Grime Culture - Top 10 Grime EPs 2015

Grime Culture takes a look of the top 10 best EP's to have dropped in 2015!

10. Jammz - Hit Then Run 

Jammz - Hit Then Run

Jammz came in early 2015 with "Hit Then Run". The 6 track EP that included Mez and Mic Ty but held it's own as a short but quality piece of work. It also came with the Hit Then Run instrumental and acapella. Listen below. Download for free HERE.

9. Big Zuu - Big Who?

Big Zuu - Big Who?

Another 6 track project came along in 2015, but this time it was Big Zuu's hard hitting introduction. The West London MC gives you unique flows, delivery and lots of aggression with "Big Who?" Listen below. Download for free HERE

8. Sox & Lil Choppa - Right Now

Sox & Lil Choppa - Right Now

Live from Birmingham, Sox and Lil Choppa got together and delivered a very good project titled "Right Now". Sox has been going in for years and even got the Boy Better Know stamp but Lil Choppa's talent is yet to get the shine it deserves and this should open people's eyes. Listen on Spotify and download via iTunes HERE.

Mic Ty - 'Av Dis'

No mixtape, No Ep... but we'll count it as one anyway. Everything on this EP, from the instrumentals to the lyrics, are raw and a very good representation of East London at that. A cohesive project and consistent throughout. Listen below. Download HERE

6. Merky Ace - Peak Levels

Merky Ace - Peak Levels

Yes it may only be 3 tracks but it's short, sweet and to the point. Merky Ace signed to Dizzee Rascal's Dirtee Stank and delivered a Footsie produced EP with no faults. Everything you can expect from the South London MC plus features from Cadell and TKO. Listen below. Download via iTunes HERE

5. Izzie Gibbs - Project X

Izzie Gibbs - Project X

Probably one of the most underrated MC's in the UK. Izzie Gibbs undoubtedly released one of the best short projects of 2015 whilst battling on Don't Flop and aligning himself with Dice Recordings and Invasion Alert. Project X gives you variety, bars and emotion. Listen below. Download via iTunes HERE.

4. AJ Tracey - Alex Morgan

AJ Tracey - Alex Morgan

You're lying to yourself if you think AJ Tracey's "Alex Morgan" EP is too high on the list. AJ's been doing his thing in 2015 but Alex Morgan has probably given the West London MC the certified stamp of approval. Actually, forget all the talking, just listen. Listen below. Download HERE

3. Chip - Believe & Achieve EPisode 1

Chip - Believe & Achieve EPisode 1

Some would probably argue that Chip's "Believe & Achieve EPisode 1" isn't a true Grime EP but Hip Hop influenced but the project made a big impact on Grime in 2015. The remake of D Double E's "Birds In The Sky", along with "Feeling Myself" with Kano and Wretch 32 and "I'm Fine" featuring Stormzy and Shalo were all bangers too. Listen below. Download via iTunes HERE.

2. Ghetts & Rude Kid - 653

Ghetts & Rude Kid - 653

With Ghetts on the mic and Rude Kid with the beats, 653 came unexpected and many would rather call Justin Clarke "Ghetto" when they hear this. A great collaboration project was brought to light in 2015 and it didn't disappoint. Listen on Spotify and download via iTunes HERE.

A lot of people are not going to like this, even though they were all rooting for him in the beginning. It has to be said though, Bugzy Malone had the best EP's of 2015. Not only did he give you 8 songs, but they all hit hard and got a lot of people talking. Listen below. Download via iTunes HERE

Of course everyone can't get a Top 10 spot as there aren't enough spaces. Mez was unlucky. especially, but we missed anyone out make a comment below.

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