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DDark - Grime Culture Interview

DDark has been around for a while and Grime Culture interviews with the talented MC and producer! The East London artist discusses the truth behind producing Chip's "Light Work", his all star line up for "Mission X", working with Tinchy Stryder, clashing other artists and more. Check out a preview of the interview below.

Grime Culture: How are you? For those that don't know, who is DDark?!

DDark:  For those that don't know, DDark: rapper, producer, here from the UK, East London. We out here... we out here.

GC: So how long have you been doing music?

DDark: I've been in this music ting for about... 8 years, like the Grime, the underground kinda scene, I've been doing it for 8 years and before that I was doing instruments and stuff like piano before that so yeah. I've been doing music since I was a toddler!

GC: What came first? The producing or rapping?

DDark: The producing came first! The producing came first cause I had done piano. I was around music and stuff all the time, so then I got introduced to like Fruity Loops and stuff, like making music on the computer and it was just shortly after that the MC'ing, rapping started... like around the same time, like within a few months. So they all started simultaneously. That's why I always done both and kinda built them both up.

GC: Who have you produced for?

DDark: I've produced for loads of people, you know, in the Grime scene especially. I did Chip's Light Work, which was the original Mission X riddim and them loads of people vocalled that.  From [people] like Crazy Titch to Fire Camp, loads of people. I've produced some stuff for Wretch [32]. Loads of people, a majority of people!

GC: So how did Chip get "Light Work"?

DDark: Well, I've known Chip for years. I known him for years so he must've been going through tunes and he just called me and goes "Yeah man, DDark, let me use this beat!". I said "Yeah man, do your ting!" so [laughs] yeah, that's about it.

GC: That's crazy, how did the"Homage" with Tinchy Stryder come about?

DDark: Well Tinchy, I've known [him] for some time too. Like, I know Dirty Danger, Rapid and all them lot so over time we've just been linking up and got in the studio. And oh yeah, I did the Homage track, like paying homage to some of the artist I use to listen to growing up, like your Wiley's, D Double E's, Tinchy. So I did that track and after that I did the remix. So I said "Tinchy, if you're on it, jump on the remix!". He was on it, so he did it, [we] did the video and then, the rest is history. 

GC: Mission X, who's on it?

DDark: We got Scrufizzer, got Lady Lykez, we've got Roachee, we've got Xploder, Maxsta and we've got Dot Rotten, AKA Zeph Ellis. 

GC: Was it hard to get all of those artists together?

DDark: It wasn't that it was hard, it's just that it took some time cause everyone's got busy schedules and stuff. So [i] just had to make it work. It took about, maybe a month, a month and a half just to get everyone down to the studio [and] get their parts done. And then the video, [we had to] arrange that, make sure we find a date [that] everyone's free to do the video. Just because everyone got a bit busy, that was the only hurdle but we got over that, we got it done and everything turned out to be dope!

You can catch the full interview coming to the Dice Recordings TV YouTube channel.

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