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Isaiah Dreads Interview for Grime Culture

Coming straight out of Dorset, 18 year old MC Isaiah Dreads gives Grime Culture an exclusive interview on his new mixtape, Lights Turn Green, favourite clash, wanting to work with Izzie Gibbs and Eyez, his brother being a battle rapper and more. Check out a preview of the interview below.

Grime Culture: How are you Isaiah? For those that aren't aware, who is Isaiah Dreads?

Isaiah Dreads: I am a 18 year old rapper. I make Grime music, Hip Hop music and I try to take as many different genres of different styles of music, [and] put it into mine. Try to make something different, I guess. 

GC: Sounds about right! So what inspired you to not just be a Grime MC?

Isaiah: Well, I grew up with like, a lot of reggae and soul, funky music, a lot of rock music. I grew with a lot of different stuff so when I make rap, all that different type of music comes into it. Yeah I just try and show that because that's what I listen to a lot of the time. 

GC: Is it true that you're from Dorset? How did you start making Grime music from down there?

Isaiah: Yeah I'm from the country sides, I'm from Dorset. It's not really a place which is usually associated with Grime music from rappers but I grew up on like Channel U, the whole scene and all of that and my other older brother listened to a lot of 90s rap and yeah! I guess it's just what I love.

GC: So would you classify yourself as a Grime artist?

Isaiah: I wouldn't like to think of myself as a Grime artist. I just like to think of myself as rapper because I don't make just Grime music... and I don't just wanna make Grime music. I don't wanna box myself like that. I dunno, I think that it's just when I was young, like Grime use to be always playing, like my older brother just loved it at that point and... yeah, I guess that's why.

GC: Who did you look up to, musically?

Isaiah: I looked up to... so many people, like Wiley was a main one. Kano, I love Griminal. And then on the American side, it was like Kanye, Jay Z, I love, like, Power obviously. But like, one of my brothers, which liked 90s Hip Hop, like early 2000s and the other brother just liked straight Grime! And obviously, me being the younger one, I was just looking up to both of them, so just loved all of them really.

GC: There were rumours of Wiley and Kano clashing again, what did you make of that?

Isaiah: I'd love to see Wiley and Kano clash! That would just be sick! Like [what] Wiley said in text message, or sent a Twitter or something. It was like "People need to stop being afraid of MC'ing. And he also said it's not a hate thing, just a respectful thing, just like a clash, you don't need to hate the person. It's always been part of rap and Grime. It's just helpful competition, like who's the best. And Kano and Wiley, I grew up on them. They're two of my favourites, it'll just be sick, really.  

GC: It will be crazy, but would you clash anyone?

Isaiah: My older brother does a lot of rap battles and stuff so I think it's sick! I definitely follow all that kind of thing but clashing and stuff isn't really something I'm interested in because I just like working on recording, writing and that kind of side of it. But I feel like it's definitely something I would do in the future, just like a fun thing, I've never done it before and I'll be really interested to see what it's like to do. It's not something I'm like "No! I'm never doing that!" but right now I just want to focus on making music and then maybe later down the line, when I've got to a position which I feel I want to get to then definitely, I think that'll be cool.

GC: So who's your brother?!

Isaiah: My brother battles on Don't Flop, he's called Agent. He's sick! He does quite a lot of battle and stuff.

GC: Wow, that's crazy. Which young MC's do you rate on the scene right now?

Isaiah: Who do I rate... Izzie Gibbs! Eyez is sick! This kid I found, I don't know how old he is but I found him on Twitter a couple weeks ago, he's called Central Cee. Who else? I rate Geko! Geko's sick. I can't think of many other young ones. But yeah, Eyez. I wanna work with Eyez as soon as possible. Same with Izzie, I want to work with all of those people to be honest!

GC: Tell us about your new mixtape: Lights Turn Green.

Isaiah: I did the first mixtape, [titled] "Nothing But a Mixtape", that was just a mixtape, kind of showing people who I am and what I could do. And then the next mixtape, I made a track with Saskilla called Lights Turn Green and the concept behind it was like: green lights, time to go now! Stop messing around. Go! That's just the meaning behind it, just go. That's why it's called Lights Turn Green. But it's finished now, it's out today and I can't wait for people to hear that mixtape!

You can catch the full interview coming to the Dice Recordings TV YouTube channel

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