The master of 140bpm production; Rude Kid prepares to flood the scene as he announces the release of his ‘Noah’s Ark’ instrumental E.P.

 Providing some of the biggest instrumentals that have ever been released from the genre in the last decade with emcees that include Skepta, Ghetts, Wiley & JME; Rude Kid is one of the key pillars of the grime scene and the name you draw for when talking grime instrumentals.

Featuring 4 beats, ‘Noah’s Ark’ is an impressive array of dark and provoking bass patterns twisting around a cascade of alien and electronic synths. Flashes of drum & bass, dubstep and electro glint through on records ‘Alien’ and ‘Oh My Bass’ while he goes for the jugular on ‘Wiley Kat’ as he licks off a menacing and trudging beat that gives a nod to the early days of grime.

 Following the recent release of his ‘One Take’ instrumental that had every emcee in creation losing their minds over it and over 5 million people rushing to YouTube to watch the likes of Ghetts, Stormzy, Chip, Yungen, Cadet & Youngs Teflon spraying across the beat, Rude Kid is set to cause a tsunami of excitement and freestyles as emcees flock to these previously unheard monsters. With the floodgates open and the wave about totouch down, Rude Kid’s ‘Noah’s Ark’ is ready to set sail!

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