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Skepta has an in-depth talk with i-D Magazine in a new interview about various fashion topics, as the Boy Better Know MC has gotten some critical acclaim for his fashion sense in recent years. Skepta also confirmed that his highly anticipated album "Konnichiwa" will be 100% finished this week! Check out some snippets of the interview below.

The campaign is "a celebration of London's vibrant scene." What do you think of the London scene right now?
We're the main hub of multi-cultural creativity. We are the motherboard. We've been that since I was at school. Even when I travel the world, people still say things to me about race and I proper don't get it. I say to them, "When I was at school, they had 50 different nationalities and I had to learn all their surnames." New York, the youth of today, like A$AP Mob, The Zombies, Ratking - that's all gelling so well now. That's why I can chill with Ratking for a whole month and not feel out of place or doing anything that I wouldn't normally. When I first went to New York, all the Asians would hang around together, all the blacks, all the white people. Now they're being more open and not going with these old-skool ideologies and these boring old ancient ways any more. I feel that there's a real strong connection between the New York world and the London world. Everyone's really seeing eye-to-eye, because they're finally being as open-minded as we've been for all this time.

When you were growing up, who were your fashion idols?
When I was younger, my icons were all the old-skool street guys from where I live. They were all pulling up in flash cars and wearing new clothes, big chains, all the newest designers. They were the people who inspired me. Their influences must come from Jamaica, Africa, old-skool kings. They were street guys just wearing jewels and looking nice. They always wanted to look nice. Being a London boy, walking around, I just saw it all. I've got the African side from my parents and I was really into Jamaican music a lot, so there's that side. And then being from London, you see how everyone fuses it together. I'm just a fan. Even music. I'm such a fan. I make it myself and I'm blessed enough that people are fans of what I make. When I was in GQ, I never thought that was going to happen. I'm just a fan of buying clothes. I count all this stuff as a blessing, because everyone's a fan of something, but they don't get that chance.

Can we talk about your fashion evolution? You wore sportswear earlier on, then moved into more high-end designer, then denounced it on That's Not Me, saying you'd put all your Gucci in the bin. Now you seem to have come full circle and be back into tracksuits.
I was just getting tired of going to the area where I hang around and different estates and seeing the kids hanging round always looking stressed out and troubled. But they'd always have a £300 bag and Balenciaga trainers. Big superman boots on and jeans with 1000 rips in. You can do so much with that money. When I was younger, I was influenced by the guys who were older than me, so I thought maybe it was my time - because I can afford to buy Gucci or Louis if I want, let's be real - to sacrifice, because I thought maybe these kids are doing it because of me. So I wanted to get back to wearing clothes that are for us. The marketing teams at Nike and JD Sports, they came for us. The people modeling in the windows are people like Jamal from SBTV. I want the kids to see that maybe they should be aligning themselves not just with a price range, but the people who are designing for you.
And on the other extreme, you're working with a huge multinational fashion brand like Uniqlo. How come you decided to get involved in the shoot for the new Oxford Street store?
This is my favourite shoot I've done with clothes. Everything can come down to a millisecond of a snap and I have to live with that photo for the rest of my life. I've got pictures of me that I hate, that I'm like, "Nah, I can't believe it!" This is a big thing. I went in there, put the music on, picked the clothes - obviously me seeing the tracksuit and us being on our tracksuit thing for this much time, it just felt right. With shoots and stuff, some people don't have any style, but with me, because I have a style, the worst thing would be if I look at it and it doesn't look like me.

You styled a Wiley video. Have you done any since?
I styled my recent shoot, Ladies Hit Squad. That's it. I don't know what happened to me, but growing up there were a few deaths close to me and when you're young, you get into this mode where everything's forever, nothing's going to go. Just wait, do it tomorrow. But when people started dying and I was about to have a child, but had a miscarriage, it became clear what was important to me and what wasn't. So I started eradicating everything that wasn't to do with me. I started to concentrate on everything that mattered. To me, all the stuff that people were wearing in videos, what the videos were about, how flashy they were, how pretentious they were, I really got to a point where certain things didn't matter to me. And people could look at that styling job and be like, "Aw, he's amazing at styling." I'm not! I just didn't care about bullshit any more and that made that video good and made the styling good. I'll probably take any job on in my life at this moment. I don't think there's anything I wouldn't do. I would do it with the motto of only care about what you're supposed to care about. As long as my heart is in it, it's gonna come out great.

What else have you got coming up?
I'm finishing my album Konichiwa this week. Finished! Done! Three years of my life encapsulated on a CD.
You've got the Japanese connection now, with an album called Konichiwa and working with a massive Japanese brand.
Amazing bruv! I cannot believe this. I'm going to Japan in a minute to do my first show ever, because of my album. I'm in a tracksuit by Uniqlo. Nigo wants to meet. Japan's been trying to get me out there to do shows, but I didn't want to go there without my album. I want my whole Konichiwa setting to be correct when I go there. I've gone to Australia, New Zealand, killed that, went to Hong Kong, killed Europe, went to Nigeria, killed Africa, went to America, smashed the East Coast and the West Coast. You see what I'm saying? But I've never been to Japan, so to go in May with this, I'm buzzing. Life is sick, don't cry for me when I die. 

You can check out the full interview HERE

Skepta has confirmed the album is finished and will be ready to release on May 6th! Check out the instagram statement below
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