Featuring in their "From Grime Legends To Grime History" blog, legendary collective Slewdem talk about the ongoing debate about Grime solely promoting violence. Top Dolla and Rage discuss the matter, check out a snippet of their statements below.

"To say, 'Grime only promotes violence,' is so boring and played out!!!
Just look around, everyone is singing to it, mums, dads, aunties etc... I've had conversations with people that don't even like it, but they've never said, 'This genre of music, grime promotes that!' Do you remember that programme THIS IS YOUR LIFE? and the guy had that big red book and in it had your journey in life, from back then, till where you are at NOW; So the way I see it is, your life is that book and YOU'RE THE AUTHOR, ARTISTES etc.. So, whatever you've done, seen or been through in your life, is what you're going to talk about, sometimes, but don't get it twisted, SOME NOT ALL will try sell you a JAMES BOND life story, lol, while others will stick to their true artistry and say it how it is without adding the fictional part." - Top Dolla
"Violence is all around us, especially on the streets of London it's an everyday thing, so the music is always going to represent the realities of the environment it comes from. If people take time out to listen to the music they will realise there's a lot of substance to the lyrics and stories are being told, you just have to scratch beneath the surface. 
Look even Tom and Jerry deals with violence but it's deemed OK for children to watch, so to me it's all a matter of opinion and everybody is entitled to one." - Rage
"For me personally, Grime music attracts the types of energy that makes me want to express the good, bad and the ugly and everything in between, it's never been about promoting solely violence and negativity, but that comes with the territory because ultimately we are all products of our own environments." - Clipson
Top Dolla, Rage and Clipson bring up some fair points and a lot of times these statements come from people who are not willing to understand the culture. The question always has to be asked, where do the violent lyrics come from? It must either come from experience or another place where violence lives, like television, as Rage suggested. There are a lot of Grime tracks about positivity too but why aren't they highlighted?
Check out the full debate on the official Slewdem website HERE
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