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DJ Logan Sama links up with UK clothing Trapstar to give a crazy Grime mixtape of 23 tracks from Section Boyz, Ghetts, Newham Generals, Bonkaz, Roll Deep, Novelist and a lot more! Take a listen to the mixtape above and you can read a snippet of how the tape came together below. 

Mikey Trapstar: "The first thing that led to the tape is that I was driving, listening to old school tapes from 2002—the tape was a rave, a night called Sidewinder, featuring Dizzee Rascal and Slimzee. So I was listening to that and the sound of that era was very personal to us. At that time, this was in winter 2014, or just turning into winter, so this led us to call Logan in January 2015, and that was the reasoning behind the tape.
So the tape is like us capturing that era of grime, roundabout 2002 to 2005, the period of golden-era grime. And then we have the new emcees of grime with the veterans and poster-boys of grime on the tape. So it's bringing in the new generation and the old generation together. And the whole theme of it is that they were allowed to pick a track that inspired them, which they fucked with and made them fall in love with grime, and then spit over it. Some great homage—like Section and Stormzy because they was way younger at the time, so it's something that got them into grime, and then you have some emcees, such as like Kano and NJ Fever on tracks that they spat on when they came out!" 
DJ Logan Sama: "Man said NJ Fever! Take it all the way back. Give them the nostalgia.

Mikey: I went to school with him! I've known him since I was 13. But uh, yeah. So veteran emcees who, if you are really into the genre you would know what these people did, like Logan and I just spoke about a guy who changed his name. Basically, veterans spitting on tracks that they can go over now because they don't think how they used to. So that's the whole essence of the tape; it's the essence of grime, to be quite honest. Logan can touch more base on the music, then."
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