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By Jasmine Wing

Following their much celebrated album, The Long Way Home, which debuted at Number 2 in the UK album charts, making it the highest charting British rap album in UK chart history opened their tour with a bang. 

Last Friday, Krept and Konan initiated their Night To Remember Tour with their home town 
at the O2 Academy Brixton.

The South London duo brought out a train load of surprise performers and blew away their fans. 

American rapper, Ty Dolla Sign, who had just travelled back from a show in Paris warmed up the audience. 

The lights went off and the room hushed for the highly anticipated pair’s grand entrance. 

The screen uncovered the well recognised London Underground Tube followed by an interlude of the notorious underground’s voice over. The image of the Brooklyn Bridge NYC, ‘where dreams are made of’, hung above the grimy underground stage set illustrating both the places the fame has taken them and the struggle grime has faced when it comes to bridging the gap between the US music scene and the jargon and fast pace of the gritty grime from London’s streets. 

The backdrop perfectly set the metaphoric scene of the humble duo’s rise to fame from the menacing and jagged streets of South London taking them all the way to success in the states. 

The lights slowly rose to reveal Krept and Konan placed in different locations on the stage to the choir like vocals from Konan’s track, Last Night in LA. 

…. “I’ve come a long way from flipping an ounce, money hid in the couch.” 

The night was definitely one to go down in the grime history books. 

Krept and Konan had sold out their second lone tour and hosted a cracking concert to over 4,000 diverse fans. 

K&K have continued to raise the bar for grime. 

Not only did 2015 see Krept and Konan be crowned winners of MTV Brand New 2015, collect a BET Award but they also picked up ‘Best Album’ and ‘Best Hip Hop Act’ at the MOBOS.

Krept followed with Last Night in Lagos where he points to their commercial success, ‘whowould’ve been here to change the whole game? Only hood nigga in the charts next to Coldplay.’ 

They continually cleverly celebrated the theme of their album, their tour and their journey. 

First on their long list of surprises was one of their close friends, Mostack, the rising rapper from North London, who over the past year has created a buzz in the grime scene with his collaborations alongside high profile artists such as Tinie Tempah on his album, junk food, honoured the stage. 


He opened his performance with his track, ‘I Do’, verifying just how much the pair are still closely affiliated with their roots. 

‘Do you take the streets to be your lawfully wedded wife?’ 

Konan who was in just a Puma tracksuit proved himself to be as real as ever and Krept was wearing a Play Dirty black t-shirt (from their clothing line) with the words, Certified at the bottom.

The pair had as much fun as the fans who attended, with their smoke blowing, ‘machine gun like’ device on stage with them.

And in the corner of the stage, you could see their ‘squad’ watching and supporting their mates succeed to great heights and do what the Londoners do best…. spit bars!

Not long after, the incredible recording artist and songwriter Emeli Sande, who features on their latest album in one of the more emotional tracks, Roses, graced the stage with her incredible vocals.

The performed the song, Roses together in memory of their friend ‘Kev’ who has leukaemia and requested the audience put their phones in the air.

They slowed it down for the ladies by performing their ‘relationship’ theme song, ‘falling’, with Craig David, having all the girls in the audience singing along to their relatable lyrics.

Yet another unexpected announcement, the legendary Craig David and sent waves of excitement through the crowds.

The crowds went crazy went the astounding Stormzy stepped out of the tube with his bars from ‘Shut Up’ and ‘Know Me From’.


Wstrn, new to the scene, three artists from West London, Akelle Charles (brother of rapper Angel), Halie and Louis Rei burst onto stage through the doors of the London Underground set, performing Bestfriend and In2 their catchy summer anthem.

They made sure to bring their crew in on the limelight by bringing out a surprise visit from, Boy Better Know member Solo 42, who joined BBK just one year after the founding on the record label by Skepta and JME.

Solo 45 performed his popular track, ‘Feed Them To The Lions’ and had the females in the crowd excited when he stripped off his t-shirt during his performance.

Lethal Bizzle erupted onto stage with his best known single, ‘Pow’, for which he won a MOBO award as Best Single in 2005, the song was also banned from airplay by some mainstream radio stations.

He also performed his newest song, Box.

They performed ‘Go Down South’ and ‘Too Young’, a track from their Young Kingz mixtape with Yungen himself. 

The south Londoner, who was recruited as a member of Krept and Konan’s label, Play Dirty and has recently been noted for his ‘beef’ with north London rapper, Chipmunk, shared the stage. 

Home grown, Brixton rapper, Sneakbo, the star famous for his songs ‘The Wave and ‘Oliver Twist’, who may have seemed to be taking a backseat in the grime scene more recently, made an epic appearance on stage at the Brixton venue.
Krept and Konan performed the emotional song, ‘My Story’ on the shooting of Konan’s step-father, Carlton Ned back in July 2011.

The track is the story of when Carlton was shot dead at their family home in Croydon by two masked gunmen whilst trying to protect his wife and step-son Konan.

He performed the track at the front of the stage whilst gripping his mother’s hand tightly.

Recently cited by Konan, in one of their track’s of their new album, Fell Apart,‘when Karl died, things fell apart’.

The theme of reminiscing runs throughout their album and shined through in their concert.

They had the crowd buzzing when they performed their popular track, ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, which featured on their mixtape Young Kingz, released on the 2ndSeptember 2013, which was a commercial breakthrough for the Croydon pair.

And not to mention their ground-breaking record, ‘Freak of the week’ from their new album, which reached 9th in the UK charts in 2015.

Their latest album aim is to reflect on how far they have both come, which they add, is ‘the long way’ with struggles such as getting their music aired on radio and the lack of recognition from well-known award ceremonies such as the Brits.

A lyric from their intro track, ‘nah, well I guess we the game changers, a lot of press on this star, we’re the game’s favourites’ begins to demonstrate just how much the pair recognise their impact on the grime scene and young people today.

In the album, Konan from Thorton Heath, reflects on where he came from, listening to old school grime, his criminal past and the mixtape they dropped.

Includes lyrics such as, ‘from in the hood, little crooks, to Guinness Books’ and ‘I remember sitting in my classroom listening to Wiley and Dizzee Rascal, breaking all the class rules now we’ve got more trophies than Arsenal.’


Despite all their success, the couple has remained focused on staying humble, ‘I pray the fame will never change us’.

The lyric from the chorus, ‘I’ma take the long way so I can hear the beat play’, proves just how much the twosome are enjoying the endurance of their fight to fame.

The track ends with an outro from Derrick Morgan, a reggae artist, popular in the 60s and 70s, speaking on Konan’s father, Delroy Wilson who was a reggae singer regarded as Jamaica’s first child star.

Delroy passed away in 1995, when Konan was just six years old.

‘They were very very close. It was so heart burning when we heard that Delroy has passed you now. But he was one of Jamaica’s best. Let the world know how great your father was. Make sure you follow the footstep of your father’s dream’.

One of their heartfelt lyrics which encapsulates their struggle ‘the industry never rated or liked us, one label had the cheek to say put a singer in the group then they’d sign us… now we’re getting the respect we deserve’.

They embody both a culture of struggle, a background of a life driven by crime in London and an inspiring success story of two black working class individuals making it out the streets.

A sign of hope for many others.

It was an emotional evening for those hardcore fans, to see the pair present such a show-stopping performance and finally getting the acknowledgement they have worked so long and hard for!

By the way Krept and Konan just shut down Brixton…

‘Krept and Konan will also be performing this year at the Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park on the Saturday alongside stars like, Wstrn, Craig David and Bugyz Malone.’ 

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