If you've been paying attention to the Grime scene over the past few yours, C Cane shouldn't really be a new name to you. One of North London's most raw talented MC's has been shutting down sets on Rinse FM and 1Xtra, whilst crafting songs over Hip Hop and R&B. Her latest, though, is a Grime banger featuring Scrufizzer, Izzie Gibbs and Zeph Ellis. The FGM produced "My Team" is definitely a well crafted piece, showing C Cane's versatility as an artist as she not only comes through with a lyrical verse but sings the hook. 

With all the hype surrounding Grime at the moment, it seems to be the perfect time for C Cane to show everyone what she can do with a solid project release. Thankfully, we got her for an exclusive interview to see what she's been getting up to. Check it out below!

Grime Culture: There's been a lot of visuals but are we expecting a new project from C Cane?

C Cane: Yes, I Will Be Releasing A Mixtape This Year.

GC: Do you feel like you get the respect you deserve as an MC?

C Cane: Not Yet But I Will The More Consistent I Become.

GC: Were you sending for Lady Leshurr in your "Who Freestyle"? Sidenote: she did keep referring to somebody being the "Queen of the scene".

C Cane: LOL I Was Just Barring

GC: Did you see Azealia Banks' comments on UK rap? What did you think about them?

C Cane: Yeah I Did And To Be Honest At First I Was Upset About It Because It's Something I'm Apart Of But Then I Came To Realise I Shouldn't Care For Her Opinion Nor Need Her To Validate UK Music Especially When She Is A Homophobic Racist. 

GC: Who are your favourite producers right now?

C Cane: Heavytrackers, Dotinc, FGM, FT, Rvph, J Louis And Rascal, They Are Very Cold.

GC: You did a freestyle in Lingala before, what inspired that and will we hear that more in your music?

C Cane: I Wrote It Congo Independence Day 2015 And Said To Myself I'd Do It Next Time I'm On BBC 1Xtra Because I Haven't Heard Anyone Do It And I Wanted To Represent. However I Did Forget About Them But A.G Brought Up Something To Do With Congo En Route To BBC 1xtra Which Reminded Me To Do It. 
You Will Hear More Of It In My Music For Sure.

GC: What's next for C Cane?

C Cane: More Music.

You can connect with C Cane below

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