With the rise of grime over the years, along with the help of the internet, the genre has unearthed talent from outside of the UK. It's only in recent years that the midlands have gotten shine but it's soon going to be the turn of artists from all over the world. With the anticipation and release of Skepta's "Konnichiwa" album, the launch party was held in Tokyo, where we got to hear Japanese MC's spit. Although, this isn't the first time Japan has been involved in the UK grime scene. You could take a listen to Taquilacci (R.I.P) or Pakin and how Elijah & Skilliam organised an hour long set with a bunch of Japanese artists, including Prettybwoy. 

Prettybwoy is one of Japan's notable grime DJ's/producers, with the release of his latest EP "Overflow", you could argue that he is number one. Check out our interview with him below.

Grime Culture: How did you start making Grime music?

Prettybwoy: I started to DJ Garage/Grime in 2006At the time Goth Trad used to run a night called Back to Chill, he invited me to play and sugested me to start to make songs. He teached me loads of things and i started. I knew a bit of the software called ACID but I started composing on FLStudio because i really wanted to focus on melodies and on the sound. I’ve started producing Bassline and naturally i’ve started composing grime. But I’m still learning.

GC: What artists inspired you to listen to Grime?

Prettybwoy: Music videos of So Solid and of garage MC's had a big impact on me I think. At the time i was a student and I loved the cool energy of their music. Then i started discovering dubstep & grime, it was the natural evolution after me listening to Social Circles of Sticky.

GC: How big is the Grime scene in Japan?

Prettybwoy: Too small! I think it is at a stage you’re not even sure there’s a grime scene!
people outside of Japan are more curious about grime than Japanese people themselves. I hope it’ll change in the future.

GC: Where can you find Grime in Japan?

Prettybwoy: I have played in this places: UNIT / Saloon / Asia / lounge NEO / Solfa / Circus Tokyo / Hachi / Bar Duusraa / Be-wave / Heavysick Zero / HarajyukuUC / Rubyroom / Triangle(Osaka) / JB's (Nagoya) and more places. There are only a few grime (& garage) parties in these clubs. For more grime parties, you should look by the name of DJs like DoubleClapperz /Sakana /Chocola B /Jacotanu /Tenmusu /Dufff & Negatin /Dekishi & Soakubeats / Void Crew etc. To buy grime records go to DSZ, Dubstore, they are specialised into every music style relative to bass music.

GC: How did you get the name "Prettybwoy"?

Prettybwoy: It because of this tune (Pretty Boys - Love CustardI’ve decided to turn Pretty Boys into Prettybwoy, in reference to the word rudebwoy'.

GC: What was your thought process when making the Overflow EP?

Prettybwoy: These tunes are emotional to me. Sometimes we feel isolated but music can be used as a cure, and I wrote these tunes feeling these emotions. I feel a bit uncomfortable listening these tunes cos they are very personal, but on the other side I’m very satisfied of this EP and I’m proud it has been pressed on vinyl.

GC: What has the reception been like since it has been released?

Prettybwoy: Reactions have been great so far, especially from abroad. For instance, Slackk, Mr.Mitch and Murlo play it on Radar [Radio] & Rinse FM. And DJ's like Laurent Garnier or Scratcha loved it.

GC: Are there any Grime artists you want to work with?

Prettybwoy: A lot! Artists like Murlo, LOOM, iglew, Mr. Mitch etc. Haha. I’d love to work with Gobstopper, Crazylegz, Glacial Sound and Local Action, for example. I think it’s fun to collaborate with other people.

GC: Which producers influenced you?

Prettybwoy: I’ve been listening to ScratchaDVA, Murlo and Boxed many times on the radio. Whenever listen to old collection of  MJ Cole and Wookie is awesome.

GC: What can expect from Prettybwoy in the future?

Prettybwoy: Id like to make songs of Japanese MC and vocalist. And recently i’ve released an EP on Shanghai label SVBKVLT called Solstice EPI'm working on some projects but i can’t say more for now.

Thank you

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