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Culture's connect as North London's Little Simz hits Johannesburg, South Africa's Gigi Lamayne and they both connect musical talents in this insightful documentary produced by Nando's Music. 

Nando’s has been getting stuck into the South African music scene to uncover amazing artists from Nando’s birthplace and blend their skills with the homegrown heroes here in the UK. As part of this Nando’s has partnered with the Roundhouse for the last two years to support up-and-coming emerging musicians with access to industry mentors and talent, as well as a Nando’s Studio space at the venue. 

In the second installment of Nando’s Music Exchange documentary series, critically acclaimed British rapper Little Simz journeys to Johannesburg to discover its thriving music scene with award winning hip-hop artist, Gigi Lamayne. 

‘Same but Different’ explores the people and places that inspired Gigi growing up, ultimately landing her a leading part in UN’s #WhatIReallyWant campaign for women’s rights earlier this year.  Alongside impromptu freestyles on the streets of downtown Braamfontein, Simz and Gigi compare their experiences as female artists in different continents, in the typically male dominated world of rap and hip-hop.
The documentary culminates in a road trip to South Africa’s biggest music festival, Oppikoppi Bushveld, for Simz’s headline performance.

Little Simz commented: “It’s amazing how music transcends languages, race and culture. Going to South Africa as part of Nando’s Music Exchange, exploring the streets, meeting incredible talent, and seeing first-hand how local music is looking beyond the West to create its own unique sounds and subgenres, is definitely exciting to witness.” 

Little Simz’s South African adventure is part of Nando’s growing Music Exchange programme, which aims to inspire the exchange of musical influences between emerging and established musicians from the UK and South Africa.

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