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Alongside the release of the album, the 67 announced a UK tour, which sold out and set to see them perform in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton however, in a spate of recent shock announcement’s by numerous UK acts, 67 have announced that their tour has been postponed.

67 said in an official statement:

“We have been working tirelessly to provide new music and we have been excited to perform it to people throughout the country that have supported us throughout and to those that haven’t had the chance to see and hear us before. 
Please be assured that we are doing all we can to reschedule any dates that have currenltly been postponed, which include London, Manchester and Brighton and thank you for all of the continued support, not only for us, but for everyone that is out here trying to do this thing professionally and properly.”

The Brixton Hill crew have also been nominated by the MOBOs for Best Newcomer! Cast your votes HERE.

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